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5+ Best Online Support & Ticket Systems

The online support and ticket system has a simple working process. A customer can raise his concern or issue or ask question, a ticket number is allotted to him. His inputs are forwarded to the department where a technician or person responsible for the help can read and contact the customer back with a proper solution.

When the number of customers are countable on fingers or by a 3rd grade student, you will not require any software system operating this process. But, soon the number of customer’s increases to thousands of further, managing everything becomes hectic, especially generating unique ticket number and responding to a particular and exact one.

Best Online Support & Ticket Systems for Business

This is the situation where you will need a support and ticket system and so here I am adding the best online support & ticket systems for your business. Many of them charge while many of them offers a free version till a limited number of users. You seriously have to consider each of them and see where they work best and where they fall.

The best I can do to help you here is to write a list and certain details. To be honest, I haven’t used any of them but I can promise that all of them are best and can help you to serve your customers in a better way. Again, I recommend you to try and test each of them and see which one works best.


As far as my internet knowledge and research on this subject is concerned, Kayako is the best and number one service provider in this specific niche. They have great support team and their system itself looks simple and elegant. These two things are always going to increase customer experience and soon your business will get a better effect due to the same.

The plans offered by this are flexible and their USB is to always delight the customers in better and possible way as they can. The best thing here is that you can get a free trial for first 30 days.


You must have heard this name before while researching for this ticketing system on your own. No doubt, it is among the best systems available as it offers simple and elegant UI, flexibility, robustness and an architecture which leaves space for not only customers and help provider, but also for managers.

Facebook, Twitter, email or phone, any of these interaction profiles can be used to generate a ticket and raise a concern. This helps users to get a better and easy way, every time. The system is available for PCs but also works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry OS running devices.


If you were looking for complete free solution then here is yours. OsTicket is an open-source so it’s totally free to use, but you need to invest certain resources to offer security to the system itself. Once security tab is taken care of, you can rely on this system as it works pretty effectively.

Its UI is clean, simple and performance is smooth. The system can be hosted on a special website or you can even download it to work in offline mode. Because of being available without any cost, you will find a lot of people recommending it.


This particular software is free to use and covers the most basic features which you will demand from such a system. It offers ticket submission, spam alert, security reports, proper analytics and rating feature inside. The UI looks clean which further ensures that your staff and customers find it easy to interact and get the job done.


This system can work on various fronts. You can use it to run a knowledge-base, or a support and ticketing system for billing department, sales one or normal support one. You can even conduct surveys using the same. The way it manages customer details, is what it makes countable among the top notch support & ticket systems for any business.

Simple Ticket

It works and looks according to its name. Everything looks simple but it’s a little far away from being elegant. Analytics tool is built-in and you can even set restrictions according to users and also for staff members. Email notifications is part of the system and it can be used for complaints, queries or feedback.


If you didn’t forget the Zendesk I added on top, then Freshdesk is going to memorize you of it. Because, this system looks similar in design and also in working. It comes at a cost and if you are looking for Zendesk’s alternative then you are now aware where to look. The system is reliable and flexible at both customer and staff’s end.


The last one I am recommending here is an open-source system which is developed using PHP programming language. If the host is using PHP interface at the bottom then this system is going to work at its best and both your support staff and customers are going to experience a top notch performance. It offers a bunch of cool customization which makes it stand out of the crowd.

Final Words

Before leaving, there is one more thing I want you to know. Before making any decisions, I recommend you to contact the owner company of that software and get in touch personally with their team and managers. This way you will understand their USP and how good or bad they are at their work.

Customer experience should be the top notch thing in your priority and if any third-party software ruins it, then it is going to affect your business, not theirs. Because, you are getting in touch with customers, they are just working with a business company.

Good luck. And, please let me know your selection, if you can.

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