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5 Dropbox Alternatives for Linux

If you’re using a computer or laptop powered by any version Linux operating system, then you should be thanking the developers all the time. Creating and releasing a free application for mass users, isn’t that easy and affordable. So, the moment you came here looking for the Dropbox alternatives for Linux, you need to understand this fact.

Definitely I’m sharing the 5 Dropbox alternatives for Linux, which are surely the best one available, but you still need to think over the decision you’re about to make. This is because, Dropbox is the top-notch personal cloud service provider, and if you’ve read some negative things somewhere, then you should ignore them once, and give it a try.

5 Dropbox Alternatives for Linux

Still, if you wish to move ahead with any other Dropbox alternative, then any of the following ones can be the better companion for you. Make sure you take the final decision after trying at least two of them.

#1 Mega

If you really care about the privacy of the data you’re going to store online, then go ahead and try what’s Mega is offering. I still remember the day it released its Android application and millions of users were attracted to the same within a week. The same application is offered for the Linux users, and you should give it a try.


It looks pretty simple, and works straight. For starters, 10GB of data is offered without any price tag, and each and every data you upload is always encrypted so that no one can gain access to it anyhow. So, get started with them, and keep your password well-protected, if you wish to stay protected.

Download Mega

#2 SpiderOak

Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Slackware are the favourite platforms by the developers of SpiderOak, and each of them are well-supported by their team. It features Hive feature, which is similar to the one offered in the Dropbox. So, if you’re coming from that platform, and still looking to get that feature turned ON, then go ahead and start with the SpiderOak.

Download SpiderOak

#3 Copy

Copy is the simplest cloud storage service offered for the Linux platform, that’s because it comes in a simple executable format, which you require to download, hit install, and get using from the second moment. No other service provider was found with this simple, very straight to go layout and platform. So, you should give them a try, as it won’t take a lot of your valuable time.

Download Copy

#4 Bitcasa

If you’re looking for the maximum free storage, then proceed with Bitcasa as it offers 20GB of free cloud storage, without any pricing details to be asked. If always encrypts every file which is being uploaded to its system, and offers all must to have features.

Download Bitcasa

#5 pCloud


If you’re using Ubuntu powered system, then pCloud is the one you should be choosing because it is straightly developed for the platform and I can assure that you’ll have a way better experience than any other, even Dropbox, which you’re looking for.

Download pCloud

Over to you

Finally, you’ve make your choice and I hope this compilation helped you decide the same. Now, its time for you to share this guide with all your friends who are also using the Linux as their day to day driver. Peace.

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