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5 Tips that will Enhance your Word Press Experience

Utilizing word press for all of your website needs is currently the best solution available in the web world. The availability of both free and or paid themes which are easily customizable is something that will enable you to provide a great and effective online experience for your website users. What is most reputable about word press is its high flexibility, quality, functionality, and search engine compatibility that perfectly suits the requirements of all webmaster regardless of professional or personal ones. With word press as your default builder, you can be sure of enjoying thousands of interesting and helpful plugins and themes that will increase the overall appeal of your site in no time. Therefore, let us explore the top 5 tips that will enhance your word press experience without further delay.

5-tips-that-will-enhance-your-word press-experience

World’s Renowned CMS: The Word Press

Scheduling of the posts

Many individuals just can’t have the time today to properly create posts in a flow due to their tough business routines. For those busy persons, and to keep their flow of posts in continuation, create a post whenever you can once or twice a week and implement a schedule upon them so the content will be posted automatically all through the week in periodic manner. Utilizing this feature will ultimately sets you free form regular posting on your site and the content, since scheduling is already in place, the content will work as if viral by itself and circle throughout the week on your site.

Using the word press editor

No matter whatever tactic you apply when it comes to content, you will be spending a noticeable amount of time on the text editor. Keep in mind some of these tips defined below to get the most out of your word press text editor:

  • Be sure to use the “remove formatting” button on the editor whenever your cope paste information from somewhere else to your word press editor.


  • Line break serves as a great assistance to keep content and header closely together. To do this in the word press editor, use Shift + return to implement a line break option for your posts.


  • There is a spell-check option in the word press editor; be sure to utilize it before posting any content to check for spelling and grammar errors in your posts. Of course, it would be very humiliating if the posts presents an error-inflicted article.

Do SEO through the URLs and titles

It is very vital for the SEO of your word press site to utilize URLs and titles in appropriate way. Make sure you utilize words in such a way that your title and URLs welcome the search engine bots to crawl over your content with a beautiful smile. Word Press gives you full control to customize titles and URLs of your pages and posts on the site in the way you like them to be.


Photos or images comes to aid of your SEO tactic. Make sure you put the alt-image name of your photos and images that support the basic keywords of your site. Photo-Tagging option in word press maximizes the chances of your site’s exposure when photos are searched for certain keywords in Google Images.

Author name on posts

Having authorship name on the posts brings a mystical type of genuineness to the posts. Word Press supports authorship tag of the posts in various forms with different interactive features displayed with the use of plugins. Showing author name of the posts is good for both the audience and search engines.

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