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Recovering Deleted Photos On Android

Smartphones works just like computers and you can name them microcomputers even. Any mishandling or wrong operations or incident, may cause harm to your device, data or to its media section. In today’s write up I will let you know the process of recovering deleted photos on Android handsets. It’s not a big deal these days to retrieve your lost pics back to your Android phone again no matter whatever brand of Android you are using. What you need most is a “Prompt Action”, that’s the key for effortless recovery of your lost pics.

By using the recommended ways described herein for recovering deleted photos on Android, you can perform the operation to successfully to recover your lost pictures. In the line below we will update you for the right procedure to do so effortlessly. As we inform you earlier prompt action is the key, so in case you lost your pics, go for an instant operation to retrieve them back. Here are step by step recovery operation details.


Dr. Fone, an Android app to recover your deleted photos and data.

To do the operation, turn off Wi-Fi and all other data connections at your device. The reason for this is that once you lost anything from your device for whatever reason, most probably it will remain for some period of time in its memory and keeping all data connections active will help them to stay at one point. All that is initially deleted is the index that points to where the data starts in your memory, so as long as you can find that point again, you can get your deleted pictures back.

In the tips to recovering deleted photos on Android, it’s also worth mentioning that if your phone is timely updated it will be a comparatively simple recovery task, otherwise your lost pics always are at the risk of written-over by any new material and the deleted pics may lost permanently.

Ways to Recover Lost Photos on an Android

For recovering deleted photos on Android you need to perform following operation:

1. Download “Dr. Fone for Android by Wondeshare”, a free app that can serve the purpose in Windows and Mac at its best. Though there are some other apps also available to do so, still this is best in my opinion.

2. Install it on your device and after the installation a screen will be displayed at your Androids home screen.

3. Connect your device with your desktop thru USB cord, permit USB debugging at your Android handset, then visit Settings > About Phone, click on Build Number constantly, stop once Developer Option Enabled displayed at your Androids screen.

To check De-bugging, go back to Settings menu again, here you notice Developer Option down towards lowermost of the screen, check out for USB de-bugging option and box besides it. A notice appears on bottom of the Dr. Fone display indicates de-bugging is open.

4. Here is the fourth step in recovering deleted photos on Android, following Dr. Fone for Android established the linking to your device, select the desired category from list of deleted files.

5. Option displayed at the screen of your device that will ask you to “Scan Deleted File/Files”, for prompt recovery of deleted pics go to the “Deleted Files” selection, you will need to accept RSA Key prompt at the display of your device (check Always accept option to make it easier), ensure the secure connection between the devices allow Super user permission when prompted.

6. Dr. Fone will start analyzing process, don’t worry if your device reboots or display some weird features during the process, just wait and see what Dr. Fone brings for you.

7. Following completion of analyzing, a result screen appears on your display, here you can search your deleted picture files that you wish to restore, Click Recover to trigger the successful recovery process.

8. This operation is a bit technical but is a sure way to recover your deleted images or other files as well. Always take care of instructions displayed at your Androids screen and select the right option to achieve success. However, the best hassle free option is to always keep copies of your preferred images so that if they may lost for whatever reason you may copy them gain into your Android handset.

I believe that recovering deleted photos on Android via this method will prove helpful for you and in case you lost your pricy pics they will be retrieved successfully.


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