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Top 5 reasons you should use Magento

Despite the availability of various eCommerce solutions in the web world, none can match the quality and popularity that Magento holds. Magento is widely recognized as the best eCommerce content management system today that is known for its ability to provide best shopping cart functionality which meets the demands of the online businesses globally. The developers of Magento has stressed numerous eCommerce webmasters to use Magento as their CMS for an assortment of benefits they may get by it but here we present the top 5 among them.


Magento developers has taken great care considering the search engine friendliness when it comes to their eCommerce software. Well, you should choose Magento for its excellent SEO capabilities such as:

  • Meta descriptions and tags separate for each product, category, and webpage.
  • SEO-friendly URLs or rewrites.
  • CMS Pages.
  • Automatic XML sitemaps generation.

Ease of Re-ordering

It is an understood fact that your old and loyal customers are much cheaper than obtaining the new one’s altogether. This also greatly decreases the business expenditures and obtains you an increase in profits. Magento has the capability to save information about every orders that has been placed by customers on their account page. Therefore, should they need to re-order the same thing again, all they need to do is just to click. This functionality helps a lot in making order processing a smooth affair.

Multiple stores or sites

In Magento, one can handle almost up to 2, 10, or even 20 stores or sites online from the one admin backhand simultaneously. Instead of the hassle of switching from a site to site in order to handle stores or website, a Magento user can easily manage all within one panel and what is more beneficial that the reports can be created all uniquely and separately for each store or a site, isn’t this remarkable?

Checkout option for guests

Another very appealing feature Magento provides is the ‘Guest Checkout option’. Although, it might seem a very tiny function but nothing holds the visitor on your website longer then this feature. Since most of the folks does not like to sign up on their first visit to most of the stores and it is over here that this features comes into action when it provides them full opportunity to shop and carry away the product without the hassle of a sign up. Surely, once the client is happy on his checkout, they will most likely to come again, and this time to sign up and become a long time customer.

Enormous amount of extensions

With Magento as your default eCommerce management software; get ready as you are about to experience one of the biggest extension support for any software on this planet. There are numerous people globally who make extensions every day and made it available to the Magento community so that they can simply enjoy the best online experience they wish for. Extensions can bring several amazing features and enhancement to your online eCommerce portal and they are very easy to customize as well according to your preferences.

So, with all these benefits that your online business can avail from Magento eCommerce system, I see no reason why you should not use Magento for all your eCommerce solutions?. High quality Magento services are offered by various companies for very affordable and inexpensive amount so that if you happen to be running your online store anywhere in the world, you can be sure of giving your customers the most efficient online service that they can imagine.

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