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Activating & Deactivating Turbo Boost on Mac

How good would it be when you turn on your Mac and with a lightning speed it will take you to your desktop screen without taking all that usual loading time? Well, such functionality can be obtained in today’s time as the latest Intel processors accompany this feature, and Apple’s Mac are running on these processors. In a Mac computer, Apple has relied this feature totally upon the discretion of its OS as to decide when to use Intel’s Turbo Boost technology. However, users of Mac who are seeking to take control in their hands for activating & deactivating turbo boost in Mac can now easily do this by following the steps defined in this article. So, if your Mac’s processor offers the turbo boost then follow the steps below for activating & deactivating turbo boost in Mac according to your own wish.

Activating & Deactivating Turbo Boost In Mac

This feature in a Mac system requires a third party application to actually run and managed according to your preferences. So, let us begin by first downloading and installing the app and then activating & deactivating turbo boost in Mac as you like.

  1. Download ‘Turbo Boost Switcher’ app and extract its files into your Mac.
  2. After extracting switcher’s exe file double click on it and it will be integrated into your menu context.
  3. Now, click on the application’s icon in menu bar and under the options select “Enable Turbo boost.”
  4. You will only notice “Enable Turbo boost” if the option is turned off by default. Otherwise, you will see “Disable Turbo boost” if you would want to disable the feature.
  5. In case you would like to enjoy Intel Turbo boost technology every time you start your Mac, all you need to do is to choose “Open at Login” option under the Settings in the same menu where you have enabled the turbo boost.

You’re done now. The app will enable Intel Turbo boost technology every time your Mac starts. If you find the turbo boost a helpful feature then you can continue using it. However, if you start to have some bugs or issues in your system, you can disable the feature by following the step 4 mentioned above. So, this is how activating & deactivating turbo boost in Mac works. Let us know in the comments if this tip has worked great wonders or annoying pitfalls for you?

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