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Adding Hidden Facebook Administrator On Your Page

Over the year’s social networks has not only provided for the needs of an individual’s socializing but has also accommodated for many business owners as well worldwide. The classical example of this service is a typical Facebook page where many business, celebs, individual service providers, and lots of others are doing customer support yet at the same time selling out their services or products. Of course, with this much commerce going on there are frequent security issues as well. Today, I am going to reveal to you the process of adding hidden Facebook administrator on your FB page as this will prove highly significant in various security issues which you might encounter in future if you have a growing circle.

Steps For Adding Hidden Facebook Administrator

The Necessities:

  • A new email account that is not linked with Facebook is required, preferably of Gmail as it is known to work the best of all.
  • Having a Facebook page.

Adding Hidden Administrator On Your Page:

  • Open your FB Page on which you would like to add a hidden admin.
  • In the page’s menu, go to edit >> Manage Admins.
  • An admin box will open where you need to put your new email that you will link with FB Page.
  • Enter your password and the security code that you received at this step.
  • You will now see your admins list like usually you do without noticing any new admins added in it.
  • Thus! You have successfully added your hidden admin at the FB Page.

Therefore, this is how adding hidden Facebook administrator process works. This feature will work out for you in any time of crises when you need to monitor or deal with a security concern of your FB Page. We hope that these tips would help you in managing your FB page pretty well on Facebook.

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