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Alternative to Skype: 3 Free Apps That Bring Better Audio/Visual Quality

If you’re using Skype then I can assure you of three things. First, you’ll learn how to use it completely within an hour (maximum). Second, you’re going to love the quality of video/voice calling and texts offered by the application. Third, you’re going to save a lot of money and will get addicted for sure.
This is what I called a perfect experience by any application. Another fact to be aware of is that Skype is the only application which everyone is aware of or at least heard of, when we talk of PC universe.

Top 3 Free Alternatives to Skype

But, still if you’re looking for alternatives to Skype, then here I’m sharing three apps that bring better audio/video quality to the table. As a user, you need to focus on hunting for utility features and better quality.

#1 Hangouts

This is the first and far most the best alternative to Skype when it comes to the quality of video/audio calls, especially the video calls. It has the pinch of Google in it and you’re going to like it any case. You don’t need to sign up for a new account, as the existing Google account can allow you to start with the services.
The only thing missing is a dedicated desktop application, which hasn’t been released yet. But, the app can be accessed either from Google+ social platform (offered again by Google) or as an extension to Google Chrome. Both ways, using the application is free of cost.
The easiness at which calls are made and chats are performed is the first thing which you’re going to experience and will love about the app. You’re never going to dislike anything inside or outside the app. I can assure that you’re going to remember everything from the very first moment you start using it.
The video calls can be made with any other person using the same application either on PC, Mac, or even a smartphone or tablet, with compatible hardware and software. The portability marks are truly awesome, which helps us in getting a lot of people online and ready to vlog together.
Two persons can start the video calling for free, but there is also an option to add multiple people in the same screen. This is what Hangouts really does. It offers you a platform to simultaneously hang out with either friends or co-workers. There is no limitations at all about the place or work you can use it for.
In short, this is the top-class product from Google Labs and I can assure that you’re going to love it forever. Yes, it replaced the revolutionary Google Talk which changed our way of chatting online. Remember it?

#2 ooVoo

If video calling is the only thing you wish to have, then try ooVoo, as it primarily focuses on offering highest possible audio/video quality during the video calls. The app is available without any price tag and does offer a bunch of additional features for super featured video calling.


If you look at the user interface, you’ll experience a huge difference and a cool and unique layout throughout every corner inside. It assures you that you’ve a unique, simple and very addictive experience which is far better than any other app can ever offer. Almost every features are free to be accessed by any user who has an ooVoo account.
The additional fun features includes live video chatting at HD quality, live movie watching with the same group of friends online, and few more. The feature that helps movie watching together is really awesome and can really help us hanging out with our old friends who are now at a distance.
Now, there is a premium version available too, for which you’ve to of course pay, and in return, you’ll remove the maximum cap. The free version offers video calling of only 12 people at a time.

#3 Viber

I’ve personally been using Viber for a week or so, to test it out completely and see if it deserves the chance to be listed over here. And guess what, it finally manages to arrive right here. The app is available for free and so its video calling services. You can get started by creating a free account using the standard email ID and password credentials and then you are ready to start shooting the services.


The moment you start using it, you’ll understand how cool the user interface looks which also make you feel addicted to everything. You can even follow other people over the internet whose profiles have been publicly available within Viber.
The app is available for almost every computing device including the modern smartphones and tablets. A dedicated desktop application is also available and so for the Mac platform. In short, there is nothing Viber developer missed but they really have a lot of things to be done in order to make it super simple.


So, my final verdict is already written above. Hangouts is my first choice, followed by ooVoo and then Viber. I can assure that you can use any of this application and get fun together at video calling and vlogging. Just make sure you have a better and stable internet connection, otherwise you may not be able to use this quality feature at an optimum quality marks.
For Mac users, they don’t need any additional application. If they are not liking Skype, then FaceTime is already present at the App Store. Get it installed and start using the same. But, it can only work between Apple device users.

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