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Top 3 Alternatives To Google Music Service

For Android users, Google music is a god-like service on which they can listen and manage all of their favorite music content. But the major downfall of this service is that it is available region-wise and has not yet gone live in all parts of the world. However, the benefits that this limited service provides such as 50, 000 personal songs upload without charge, streaming across several devices, and some premium content that is available at a very affordable costs are remarkable. But since these services are limited and not available across some regions, here I present to you top 3 alternatives to Google music that are available almost everywhere and they have some amazing features to offer as well. Let’s read about these amazing music services then.

Ampache Music Service

With Ampache as your Google music alternative, you can actually listen and manage all of your music online on almost any device that is internet-enabled. Ampache is a server-based music application that can easily stream audio/video with its own file manager that enables you to access and manage your files from any location.

What makes Ampache a credible service in the list of top 3 alternatives to Google music is its unique type of application form music service. You can actually share and integrate your audio and video library and online streaming on your home server, and what’s more great is that it doesn’t cost anything at all for providing these services.

Although, Ampache would not seem to you a very professionally-looking music platform but if you love the freedom software gives to you, Ampache would be your ultimate choice then. You will not find Ampache’s mobile app for your Android or iOS but should you be willing, you can manage and play all your audio/video library on its sole website. So forget about getting in or making a community and just concentrate on your music with Ampache as one of the top 3 alternatives to Google music.

Amazon’s Prime Music

This music services is regarded as the second best online premium and free music platform after the Google music services itself. On the Amazon’s prime music platform you can actually buy almost any artist and songs and add them to your online collection for a very cheap cost. Plus, you can also access all of your prime music from almost any platform that is internet enabled. This and the variety of content that is available on Amazon music surely makes it one of the top 3 alternative to Google music services.

On free plan, you can upload almost 250 songs. However, it might look very low against the rival Google that promises almost 50, 000 free songs upload but if you can spend some money than the Amazon’s prime music service is much worth it. If you pay to their service you can cleanly upload almost 250, 000 songs to your online folder and could add tons of artists collection to your directory. Additionally, you may also get several features from the premium plan that you might not be able to enjoy on any other platform, even at Google music too.


In case you are only interested to stream what you already have then the Sub-Sonic should be your choice. One of the most polished music platforms, Sub-Sonic is a service that is a self-made solution to all of your musical needs as it can manage and stream all of your already owned music across several devices and save your from all other botherations found on several music platforms. However, the free plan is not something you would like at Sub-Sonic because the service as free is not too good: you can pay just $1 a month to them and then you will really know the worth of Sub-Sonic.

The premium subscription at Sub-Sonic will give you a formidable amount of space on their server where you can store and manage your music, and also other types of media files as well. You can stream podcasts, videos, and several other formats from just one single platform, isn’t this a worth mentioning music service then among the top 3 alternatives to Google music? I bet it is!

So, these were my picks for the top 3 alternatives to Google music service. I hope these music platforms will serve your needs good and be able to feel you’re entertained and privileged for long. Have any other services to share with us? Let us know in the comments section.

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