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Top 5 Android Christmas Holiday Apps

First if all, I would like to say a pre-Merry Christmas to all of my readers before the eventful date comes. And now, let me introduce you to the top 5 Android Christmas holiday apps for your smartphone. As the Christmas event is coming near, the world will again experience a huge traffic of sending/receiving blissful wishes and greetings through all types of network carriers and the web. However, in this spectrum Android users will be one of the most eagerly active warm-wishers and specifically for them I have researched these top 5 Android Christmas holiday apps so that you can fully immerse yourself in this joyful event of the coming of Messiah the Christ with your loved ones. So let’s take a look what I have in store for your Android’s this season and you can consider me as a technical-Santa for you. Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

Top 5 Android Christmas Holiday Apps

Christmas Photo Frames for Android


My first pick in the list of top 5 Android Christmas holiday apps will definitely be the Christmas Photo Frames application for Android smartphones. Obviously, many of you will be going to post your pictures on your social network profiles as well as sharing them with family, friends, collogues, etc., framed in a Christmas look-alike. This application will be your final choice when it comes to providing that finishing touch to your photos.

Christmas Photo Frames app have a variety of kinds of Christmas themed frames to outline your pictures with. With its built-in tools, you can easily edit your photos until they nicely fit into a frame of your choice. There are some good choices for color filters as well such as black and white, sepia, violet, and many more. After all of the editing, your final product can easily be shared on all major social networks right through the dashboard of the app. So, don’t wait and frame your photo in a Christmas fashion.

Holiday Wallpaper


Enjoy a great winter wonderland HD Christmas wallpaper by Christmas snow app for Android. This app will set a chilly wonderland as your wallpaper with Christmas themed event on its interface. Christmas snow app wallpaper works on almost all types of smartphone displays. The wallpaper is extremely beautiful and will keep you reminding of the special occasion you are about to spend with your family and other know-hows.

Snowy Christmas Countdown


For all of you out there who are just too eager and impatient about Christmas Eve, here is an app from the top 5 Android Christmas holiday apps that is fully capable of feeding your impatient-nerve on the arrival of Christmas. Snowy Christmas Countdown app will be your ultimate Christmas countdown clock telling you days, minutes, and seconds for the arrival of Christmas. A simple app but one that will be utterly helpful for eager Christmas celebrators.

Christmas Gift List for Android


Here comes another special application for Android users who would like to keep track of their gift’s checklist for the upcoming big day. Christmas Gift List is a very logically helpful app from the top 5 Android Christmas holiday apps with which you can keep track about the people for whom you are going to buy Christmas gifts. Additionally, you can also keep track of the gifts you have already bought for your family, friends, collogues, etc.

One of the brightest aspects of this application is that it will help you from attempting a duplicate wastage of your precious money. Well, suppose you have already bought a gift for a person and you have to buy few more for some in a fast-paced daily life. If you will keep in constant contact with your updated lists in this app, you will then know exactly which persons are left without a gift and for whom you have already purchased. Hence, your money will be saved automatically with the small help from this great app. A must try on these holidays!

Christmas Songs


Finally, I have come to the last app from my pick of top 5 Android Christmas holiday apps and it’s a fully Christmas Songs app for Android. In this app you will find many Christmas tunes which you or your whole family can recite on the Christmas Eve. With the help of this app, you can actually make these Christmas songs as your default ringtone too. This app runs without the internet so you don’t need to worry about having Wi-Fi connection as well. So enjoy your Christmas with some delightful Christmas songs for you and the family.

Alright, I have done my best to introduce the top 5 Android Christmas holiday apps to you which I believe should be used by every Christmas fan in their Android handsets. Well, keeping this also in mind that my own list is far from being the ultimate on this grand event, what are your favorite Android apps for Christmas? Consider sharing them with us in the comments.

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