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Top 3 Android Firewall Apps

Smartphones today can be termed as the mini computers in this digital age. You can do – if not everything – but most of the things on your smartphones that are similar to PC. The high amount of web connectivity surely brings some serious threat calls of malware, virus, trojans, hacking, and other malice’s as well to your smartphone. To keep your Android phone protected, here are the top 3 Android firewall apps you can use to block off malice’s and hacking intruders:

Firewall Gold

Apart from being a great firewall app, this application has only one short glitch: it requires your phone rooted to run properly. You can read here about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android phone so you may better decide if you want to use Firewall Gold or not?
Firewall Gold keeps an eye on all of your incoming web traffic and outgoing requests as well. There are several policies that you can setup in Firewall Gold personally as you like and the best thing is that it will run not only on your phone but on every other web-connected device. You can configure the best security policy as per your preference and make yourself worry free of any kind of web-based harm. Surely a deserving firewall app among the top 3 Android firewall applications.

No Root Firewall

The best thing about No Root Firewall is, unlike its name, you don’t need to have your phone rooted in order to use this brilliant firewall application. No Root Firewall actually builds up a VPN type of web connection for your device to connect to the web. This means that the app is in complete authority to check for all the incoming traffic to your device from the web through its sharp security policies.

Once your phone is connected to the web via No Root Firewall, there will be notifications sent to you every time a web-based service or app wants to connect to your device virtually. Anything that wants to get in must have to ask your permission, isn’t that great?

You can setup basic filters based on your liking for the connections that you trust and the ones you don’t to get automatically declined an access to your phone every time they try to get in. The filters and other security policies are easily configurable in No Root Firewall (you need to know a bit about networking though to setup advance options). Install it and enjoy the amazing protection from one of the top 3 Android firewall applications.

Lost Net No Root Firewall

First if all, no rooting is required so be worry-free if you don’t want to void the warranty of your device. Likewise No Root Firewall, this app also builds a mock VPN connection through it to your device while connecting to the web. However, the difference here is that you are free to create profiles based upon your personal filtering settings. Additionally, you can track the countries to where your device is connected at the moment and could even block ads using it. All in all, I would also rate this app is one of the best firewall applications and among the top 3 Android firewall successful apps of today.

I am quite sure that if you use these top 3 Android firewall apps, you won’t have the troublesome and irritating problem of your device being tracked or hacked or even get any type of malware from the web, hence you yourself do allow any site without knowledge that gets your device infected, other than that there is no chance of being caught.

However, one thing I would like to clear here, which I believe my readers must be confusing themselves of now, is what do I mean by a firewall as a stopping agent for viruses? Is firewall alone could do the work of anti-virus software? Well, half yes half no. You see, firewalls do help till the extent of blocking incoming and or unauthorized outgoing requests from the web to your device or to your device from the web, no doubt about it, but you simply won’t be setting up such a security policy that will block almost every incoming traffic do you?

There are almost billions of sites and services on the web and a user alone could not have knowledge about them all so as a consequence you will give access to many sites you haven’t visited before or known very little and chances might be that you may get infected from any of them. In such a scenario, anti-virus comes to your aid and it is specially and specifically designed to evaluate (similar to firewall but with great in-depth knowledge of viruses specifically) every incoming request to your device whether it is infected or not. So, I believe having a good anti-virus and any firewall among these top 3 Android firewall applications might be your ultimate security solution.

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