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Know About the Top Android Hacking Applications in 2016

Today we will let you know about the top android hacking applications in 2015 that can be used from an android mobile easily and would have the same impact as those hacks from computer has. In the last 10 to 15 years, the technology world has really changed a lot: once computers were the key components for the usage of all kinds of entertainment and technological requirements but today their place has been shared by mobile industry as well. Who does not own an android smartphone today? Probably everyone uses it and they are getting smarter and smarter as the time goes by with every new upgrades.

Therefore, many technologists and core programmers are turning towards the use of mobile platform to perform several techniques and creations. This bunch of technical coders includes professional hackers as well who are willing to evaluate and or break systems security channels through the use of an android smartphone. So, for this reason today we are discussing about the top android hacking applications in 2015 that most useful hackers who are willing to evaluate security breaches in a site or program might try them out for this purpose right from their android handsets.


This hacking software for android consist of a very powerful GUI and can be used brilliantly by a security analyst to analyze sites and programs alike. However, the major focus of the program is on reversing the engineers created Android packages and the associated DEX code in order to check or strengthen the safeguarding ability.


Hackode can be used for ethical security testers as a brilliant android hacking app to evaluate security of an android app. This tool is recommended for the usage of IT professionals, cyber security analysts, server administrators and professional ethical hackers to execute such tasks as exploiting performance stability, reconnaissance, security flaws, and other options.

Burb Suite

By using the Burb Suite you can test web-based applications for various security flaws. The various options and utilities come within the Burb Suite actually helps to augment the performance of your entire security testing procedure with a good emphasis on quality. Burb Suite is capable of giving you an overall mapping of flaws in the app and how those vulnerabilities can be exploited.


Created and focused on client based Java android app demolition, Andorat can be used to target the client/side Java swinging of the server.


You can use Droidbox to eventually get a whole dynamic prospectus of leaks and other analysis of Android-based apps

Droid Sheep

So far the only hacking app for android which can be used by anyone regardless of technical expertise or not, Droid Sheep could be used to check or exploit security points on any platform which then can only be blocked by the web service provider.


SSHDroid provides an extra layer of security based on protocol network whenever you connect your android to a remote system. If connected to a PC, one can use SSHDroid to target and evaluate the security of an android device by executing Shell commands such that hits the core system files.


For the IT experts and security analysts dSploit is the top android hacking applications in 2015. The suite offers for the experts to target networked based leaks in order to strengthen the security by exploiting flaws. The suite contains the most advanced and complete solution for the IT experts and security hackers to perform various advanced tasks.


It is a tool composed by the Dug Song in order to facilitate his original Dsniff package, another good hacking app for android. The app is used to target and change the traffic of a site to location specified by the hacker on local network paths.

So these were some of the top android hacking applications in 2015 for the use of android mobile phone owners. However, the use of these apps is destined only for ethical hacking means that it will provide hacking only to make the app, network, or a system more secure for possible unethical hacking by the various hackers online.

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