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Apps to Enjoy Amazing WhatsApp Stickers, Big Smileys and New Emoticons

The default collection of stickers, emojis, smileys, etc. inside the WhatsApp application is very small and that’s the reason why each one of us is looking for third-party apps to increase our collection and get a bunch of few more options. Emojis, stickers, and smileys are the best way to express our emotions over the social platforms, mostly on the messenger applications.

So, here is a collection of apps to enjoy amazing WhatsApp stickers, especially the big smileys and new emoticons which you can’t get anywhere else.

Best WhatsApp Stickers, Emoticons Apps for Android & iPhone

I bought a compilation of apps for you which is currently available for both iPhone and Android smartphone platform, i.e., the App Store and Play store, respectively. All these apps are available for free, so you need not worry about pricing at all. Just select the app of your choice, follow the link beneath it using the default browser of your Android smartphone or iPhone and then you know where to click to get that app installed.

Apps for iPhone

First of all, let’s start with the iPhone apps. Android users can skip to the related part down in this guide.

#1 Emoticons & Extra Emoji Keyboard

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.51.25 am

It offers the best collection and the app is used by number of users than any other app. It offers 1000+ unique Unicode symbols, 7 different category symbols and funny emoticons and smileys. The collection is pretty amateur and funny as well. Each of them works perfectly with the native WhatsApp application.

Get it on App Store

#2 Animated Emojis

This particular app offers a large list of categories which itself holds a good number of emoticons and smileys. Each of them is 3D in standard and looks pretty sweet. This app works with iOS 7 and above versions and even with iPod Touch and iPad if you somehow manage to install WhatsApp app on those unsupported devices.

Get it on App Store

#3 Emoji Keypad Free

This app not only offers emoticons but also offers unique fonts and presets. You can even use its fancy word maker tool to type in a text in the unique possible layout.

Get it on App Store

#4 Big Emoji Keyboard

This is the last option in this collection and its size is around 90MB overall. You are allowed to use the existing emojis and can also create a new one using the built-in tool. Amazing, huh?

Get it on App Store

Apps for Android Smartphones

Now, here is the chance for Android smartphones. Make sure you check the compatibility before trying to install any of these apps.

#1 Stickers for WhatsApp WeChat

This is the number one app for Android devices and there are endless reasons behind this. It offers the most impressive collection along with a Sticker application. It works with almost any application on your phone which allows you to input smileys or emoticons. Try it out and let me know what was your experience.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.49.46 am

Get it on Play Store

#2 Love Stickers

As the name suggests, this is the app which love birds should use. it offers plenty of heart and love based emoticons and big smileys. You are never going to end up with this collection which is another impressive thing. The developer is also updating the app regularly with fresh designs. Not a single emoticon is based on any other theme and you can find hundreds of existing users praising it.

Get it on Play Store

#3 Stickers Whats app Emotion

Once it’s installed, open this app and choose the emoticons you want to import. Select the WhatsApp application from the next screen and all the selected emotions will be then available inside the WhatsApp native app. This is how simple it is to use this very special app and have fun with your friends by talking only using them. Yes, it got an emoticon for almost every possible face emotion.

Get it on Play Store

#4 Funny Stickers for WhatsApp

I think I don’t need to explain anything for this application as its name delivers the message clearly. The collection is very funny and it uses many funny elements from our daily life, which further increases the funny tone and user experience.

Get it on Play Store

#5 Stickers for whatsapp

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.49.04 am

Facebook newly introduced sticker store holds a bunch of unique emoticons and stickers. If you want similar to them right on your WhatsApp application, then this is the app you should be looking at. Yes, it is free!

Get it on Play Store

Over to you now!

Each of these apps offers their unique collection of stickers, emoticons, etc. You need to find the one which works best for you and offers the collection which comforts your unique taste. Do let me know which particular one you are liking the best, whether it’s in iPhone list or Android. Waiting for your thoughts on this compilation, see you in the discussion section.

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