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Aventum II The Ultimate Gaming Machine

There are many gaming fanatics in the world as well as numerous gaming PC’s to accommodate their needs. But the one about whom I am going to talk today is something that can both exceeds your expectations as well as budget limitations. This all-new gaming rig which has successfully taken all of those in awe who had seen or luckily had a test on it is none other than the Digital Storm’s Aventum II the ultimate gaming machine. This PC is a complete portrayal of what human engineering can achieve at its best. While I will give you a full review of this titanic-proportion gaming machine in this narrative, but to give you just that desired surprising start, here are the properties of Aventum II’ power packed features & capability in one glance:

  • Intel Core i7 3970X CPU
  • 16GB 1866MHz Memory
  • Copper Pipe Liquid Cooling
  • 240GB Corsair Neutron GTX SSD
  • 1TB 7200RPM Storage HDD
  • ASUS X79 Chipset Motherboard
  • 1200W Corsair AX1200i PSU
  • Blu-Ray Player/DVD Writer
  • Microsoft Windows 7

Now, this is the configuration of the Aventum II the ultimate gaming machine. I believe it clearly does justice with the fact that this gaming PC is by far one of the most advanced in the world today. So, let us delve more into the deeps of Aventum II and see what magnitude this product has reached upon.

Performance Of Aventum II

With the brief over given above in bulleted points, what do you expect about the performance of Aventum II in your own mind? Well, simply out of this world, right? If your thoughts about Aventum II is same as mine then we are sure on the same track. Aventum II is built taking into consideration the requirements of one of the world’s heaviest graphic-consuming games & applications, not only current but the future ones as well. For a gaming enthusiast, Aventum II is surely the final ultimate solution to all of his/her needs.

Aventum II enables you to easily play the most high-resolution cum graphic consuming games on tri-screen setup supported by the advanced & brilliant Nvidia GTX Titan 6GB graphic accelerators at one time. While one Nvidia GTX Titan is enough to satisfy any contemporary graphic demands so I live you free at your discretion to imagine what 3 Nvidia GTX Titan cards can do combined? With Aventum II, forget about any kinds of bottlenecks related to hardware insufficiency and just enjoy the maximum speed & performance at its best.


Aventum I: The Ultimate Gaming Rig

The cooling system in Aventum II is something like an Alien-based technology. You have thermal temperature probes logically fitted within this machine that will automatically manage its 22 chassis fans according to the wants of that times running programs. Plus, there is a utility software also provided for the users to add in their own credentials to manage the system’s exhaust functionalities & lightning from Windows.

The most amazing feature for proper cooling & exhaustion in the system (due to its heavy hardware profile) is the use of novel nickel-plated copper cooling pipes which is a very rear sight you get to see in a computer. This super-cool heat exhaustion system allows Aventum II to channel system performance disturbing heat away from the core system components and thrown out by a dedicated rear fan from the PC. This is not only a marvel of engineering within limited space, but it also prolongs the life of major hardware elements as well as making them work more profound in the long-run.

So, with a Core i7 processor, 16GB 1866MHz RAM, 3x Nvidia GTX Titan 6GB, and a 1TB HDD, plus with all other additional enhancements, you’re definitely in for once in a lifetime experience of high-quality performance and app processing. Surely, these details are enough to make Aventum II the ultimate gaming machine.


Well, so far whatever we have read sounds pretty mouth-watering & delicious about Aventum II but now we have come onto a section where most of our readers (including myself) must have to abandon all of our sensational planning’s to soon buy an Aventum II. I have used the word “most” in the above sentence because I know that in this age of economic & other types of chaos’s in this world, a person who thinks of owning a gaming PC that starts at minimum $4, 999 could only either be a politician’s son, a rich family lad, or simply a celeb.

And this starting rate of $4, 999 is something that is considered to be the entry-level machine in a 4-plan gaming machines customization offered by Digital Storm. Starting from the first which is “Good” for $4, 999; “Better” at $5, 997, “Best” $7, 752; and finally the “Ultimate” edition of Aventum II with the most advanced configuration till date is available at $9, 500. So, was I not right about the ownership of Aventum II the ultimate gaming machine in the earlier sentence of this para?

Final Words

Whoosh ….. That was some tiring review of such a great artifact of modern technology but how it shattered our hopes when price category comes up? Well, I believe in one thing always that “Never say never” and do your hard work & one day you will own an Aventum II as well. So, all in all, Aventum II can proudly be termed the today’s most powerful gaming machine in the world.

Even the well-known name like Alienware looks like a tiny competitor when compared to this amazingly advanced & powerful machine. Though, it does ask you some good amount of cash but in return you will get the world’s most advanced gaming rig, great support by Digital Storm, as well as your right to be a loud-mouth (the most important  ). Let me know in the comments how do you find Aventum II? Is it justified to say Aventum II the ultimate gaming machine? Let us know your thought!

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