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Awesome Screensavers For Windows PC

If the Windows OS that is operating the computer or laptop at your end, is still supporting the Screen Saver feature, then you should have been at this place earlier. Here I am going to share awesome screensavers for your Windows PC that you can directly download and then use it easily.

Not to worry about anything as I will also be sharing a detailed guide on how to add and activate a screensaver on a Windows system.

Just for newbies, a screensaver is a special animated screen that triggers when your system is ideal for a set interval of time. Once the system is left unused for that period of time, it triggers the screensaver. Technically, it doesn’t benefit on anything, but it is still a personalization tool to make you feel something personal and good about your computer.

How to Add Screensaver in Windows PC?

Following are the simple steps you need to go through to get a perfectly looking and working screensaver on your beloved Windows system.

Step 1 – Press the Start button from keyboard or click at its shortcut on the desktop. Now, click on Control Panel.

Step 2 – Move into Appearance settings and under the Personalisation tab, you will see a button labeled as ‘Change Screensaver’. Click on the same!

Step 3 – Now under the label of Screensaver, you will see a drop down menu. Interact with it and select the screensaver you want to set. You can always preview a particular one before making your mind.


Step 4 – Right over there, you can also change certain Settings related to this feature of Windows system, like the time interval to kick the screensaver, etc.

Step 5 – Once you have selected your favourite one and are done with its settings, click on Apply and then Ok button beneath that window.

Done! The screensaver you selected and tuned up is activated now and you can see it live soon.

10 Awesome Screensavers for your Windows PC

That was the process to set up this special graphic related feature. But, if you have interacted with the process then you must have found that there are not many good options available in that drop down menu.

So, to grab your attention and make it a happy moment, I am adding 10 awesome screensavers down here. Select the one you like the most! Most of the screensavers I have added below reflects their functionality through the names itself. So, you don’t need to jump into a description of any of them. For your ease, I have also placed a screenshot of each of them.

#1 Dropclock

The way it shows the current clock in slow motion is really cool. You will feel like watching the time passing under the water. Numbers are merged into the water, floating, but still fully functioning to display the time actively. The black and white color combination is another thing that grabs the attention easily.


Download Dropclock

#2 Fire Screensaver

If you wanted to set your computer on fire, from inside, then it is possible with this screensaver. It is available for free and once activated it sets almost everything on fire, that is part of the desktop screen. It doesn’t change anything on the screen, rather fire up every element as it is. See it yourself and you will get a better idea of its warm functionality.


Download Fire Screensaver

#3 Stickmen War Screensaver

Remember Stickmen? Then you will love to watch the two of their teams fighting over your desktop. As they proceed in their own war, they will wash up the elements present on the desktop at that time. The cool animations included during the clean up process is definitely an eye-catching moment.


Download Stickmen War Screensaver

#4 Digital Talking Parrot

Feeling alone? Grab this screensaver and once it’s activated you will have a parrot to talk with. He can learn words and phrases which he can voice out properly. It also repeats back whatever words you have spoken at a moment. It is more like a pet which I think is the best part.


Download Digital Talking Parrot

#5 RSSMore

If you don’t get time to check the Google Reader or your email account for the RSS subscription you have committed with, then use this screensaver. It will display all the news alert from your subscriptions right at the desktop screen. I guess this will be much easy for you to remember reading those alerts.


Download RSSMore

#6 Aquarium Clock

As the name suggests clearly, you will see a rounded analog watch actively running down in an aquarium. It will definitely change the way you look at your monitor when the system is ideal. It is much better than that normal black screen.


Download Aquarium Clock

#7 Windows 7 Polar Clock

If you want to know the time according to your exact current coordinates on Earth, then you better use this screensaver. It displays the exact time, with exact seconds and minutes in a cool way. The clock design it uses is rotating which is the coolest feature according to me.


Download Windows 7 Polar Clock

#8 Cities Of Earth

If you want to see cities and their related data on a beautiful picture of mother Earth, then consider using this screensaver. I bet you will start loving your planet more and it will also add up a bit of extra knowledge to your mind. If you are a traveller then you are definitely going to love its functionality.


Download Cities of Earth

#9 Lightning Bolt Screensaver

This will create a thunderstorm at your screen. See it live in action!


Download Lightning Bolt Screensaver

#10 Loopy

Flickr is the source of images for this screensaver. It imports lovely images from the source and put it in an incredible design at your desktop screen. If you have a deep passion for photography, then this will be your choice among these top 10.


Download Loopy

Wrap up

This is it, guys! I hope you liked the collection and the tutorial at the starting helped you to understand and execute the process to activate the screensaver on Windows PC. Do share your experience in the discussion section, particularly the name of the screensaver you are finally choosing from this compilation. Peace.

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