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4 Bad Aspects Of Windows 10

What a successful business is always doing, Microsoft tries the same following a disastrous launch of Windows 8, in the quest for launching a quality successor to its earlier episode of Windows, the widely acclaimed Windows7! Microsoft has deeply studied all the corrective feedback of Windows 8 to produce an improved version devoid of downsides of Windows 8, the produce named the Windows 10. Rightly so, the Windows10 has offered a far better illustration, presentation and behind the curtain features. Still, the all-perfect creator is God only; despite their best efforts, Microsoft remain a leg short to produce an error-free version of Windows, the fresh inventory also comes with some significant downsides even. In the lines below we let you introduce to the 4 bad aspects of Windows 10, it needs from them to improve these shortcomings through the updates for an improved performance of their new brainchild.

4 Bad Aspects Of Windows 10

Less Control Over Updates

In contradiction to its predecessor versions, you can’t do much to block any unwanted update in the Windows10. The updates are always bound to install against your will onto the device even. Though, we will introduce some ways to block the unwanted updates! Still, the solutions are not that much tempting enough, like hide the updates with using PowerShell.

In addition, you can install individual updated in its previous versions! However, this time Microsoft come up with cumulative updates system that way the bunch of updates includes all earlier updates even. Though, they make sure that all the users of Windows10 will remain on the same page, a tricky decision indeed.

In continuation to the comedy of errors, Microsoft didn’t bother to describe the details of the presented collective updates as even. Nevertheless, you can receive patch notes in regard to security updates only; it needs you to sort out the update details with using the “Microsoft Knowledge Base” and searching the KB Article ID.

Auto Driver Updates

In continuation to 4 bad aspects of Windows 10, a big error that needs corrective measures on priority, particularly in relation to the Auto Driver Update episode! This new feature of updates is allowed to generate by the vendors entirely.

Though, it certainly lessens a load of manual searching, downloading and installing the drivers on a user! Still, it sounds like a liability as if you have installed a supportive driver manually, if it feels that the inclusion will prove to be fruitful to you, the Windows will search and install the resembled driver automatically even. It looks alluring but keeps the “Recent Nvidia Incident” in view to understanding the whole lot of bad consequences of the facility.

To make corrections, you can try doing tricks with some tweaking in Hardware Setting along with Group Policy Editor to obstruct the Windows to download auto driver updates, but not without the considerable risk of Windows rejection to the potential changes as well. It can be sort out if the Microsoft permits the users to install any potential driver at their will instead.

Missing Contemporary Apps

In continuation to 4 bad aspects of Windows 10, this is yet another error of judgment from Microsoft! They can’t really go shoulder to shoulder with Google app store or some other Net Giants stores. Though, they have improved the apps, yet some apps need badly to be improved further to fulfill contemporary needs of a user. For example, Microsoft yet to develop apps for its indigenous service similar to that of Skype even.

While surfing the apps, you can see the service like Skype, in the Start Menu of Microsoft’s brainchild the Windows10. The service will be operated nonetheless once you will download it from an app store and install it on your device. Though, Microsoft took the notice to sort out the issues, it allows the developers to port their code from an Android and iOS. Wait and see the outcome!

The Privacy

In continuation to 4 bad aspects of Windows 10, here is the Privacy, the ever big concern of most of the users to prevent their confidential information from the access of unwanted users. In this rapidly growing communication era, it’s a real concern for all those who likes to hide their private details, as a day’s most of the apps sought your personal info to operate on them.

Same is the issue arises in Windows10, as most of its vibrant apps sought your personal info even. For example Cortana, if you like to use Cortana as your private digital assistant! It requires some of your personal information, and similarly if you like to have Location-Base services, they ask you to provide your location details. Also, if you like to have sync and saving app service, it needs to share your Microsoft A/C details with them even.

Similarly all other acclaimed services such as Amazon, FB, Google, and Apple etc., they also required your detail another. Though, they need the info to offer you some quality services! Still, you’re at risk of losing your personal info to unwanted access. However, you can disable most of the privacy alternatives if you skip using the proposed apps. If you believe that disabling all privacy alternatives is a daunting task in Windows10! Apply some handy free apps that help you to configure the privacy settings rather effortlessly.

Our main concern with Microsoft’s approach is that they can’t give any hint even to save your personal details from a wrong access through using the Windows 10 apps! It’s suggested that Microsoft better comes out with some viable alternatives to prevent users privacy from an unauthorized access, it will help users to use all apps in Windows10 without any fear.

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