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Best 4 Alternatives For Google Docs

Since long the top choice for home based online office services was undoubtedly Google Docs, unmatched for its top performance persistently. Now a few good alternatives came into being to challenge its supremacy. For all those who thinks that Google Docs is a leg behind the time, there are some good options available for them to think for the comprehended office services from their homes. In today’s write up we will introduce you to a list of “best 4 alternatives for Google docs” that is per on competition with the long ruling Google Docs and no doubt they all are worth mentioning.

Office Online


Office Online


It’s Microsoft’s brain child to Google Docs. It offers all the features like its competitor since long. You can use this software with powerhouse of features including collaborating, saving them in One-Drive, similar to that of GDocs works in collaboration with GDrive along with lots of other extremely beneficial features.

The stamp of Microsoft is sufficient for its top credibility against all other competitors. It will be on web as MS Office in the field with some other ideas to stay and compete. This software help you access to MS Office files in trendy and effortless way in whatever browser you may be working at.


Hackpad is another substitute from my best 4 alternatives for Google docs list that can compete the Google Docs at par. It’s a sophisticated and collaborative answer to Google Docs for online office services from Dropbox. It is closely resembled in its working to that of its competitor. You can effortlessly generate the documents and share with your colleagues and friends in any web browser in a simple manner. They have already introduced iOS App, which extends support for its smooth online working as well.

Unfortunately, it’s a writing tool only, the key flaw with it and a big one indeed. It help you to produce transcript documents only, despite that Hackpad is precious to writer for doing their job with remarkable ease in any browser and minus the risk of shutting up of the facility from clients end, as Dropbox is a credible company, you can’t expect from them to shut their service once introduced.

Etherpad Lite


Etherpad Lite

This is another top competitor of Google Doc and 3rd from our list of best 4 alternatives for Google docs. What it is? Well, it’s an uncluttered Office software that perform best in combination of its Plugin, it can be accessed from your webpage effortlessly.

It’s a handy tool to work on for a single or on multiple documents. Though, it’s not packed with array of features what other tech giants usually offer, still it’s a compact and worthy tool to work on. Particularly effortless sharing of documents with friends and your top control over shared Data is the key.


Here is last substitute in my best 4 alternatives for Google docs. For all those who don’t want any signing up or passwords whatsoever, this is best replacement to work on for Google Docs. PiratePad is a rudimentary online-only tool to use for document creation. It has offered very competitive features that can match any top competitor along with effortless sharing of generated document with friends and colleagues. It’s a simple program that enables the user to create and share documents without any trouble and a software everyone must want to test for utmost documentation pleasure with simplicity.

We believe all those individuals who regularly create online documents and share them with 3rd parties will love to use anyone of the above mentioned software’s. All the entrees are useful, it’s your prerogative to opt whatever software looks you to perform best for you.

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