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The Best Android Alarm Applications

Many people use their mobile phones as Alarm devices to break their sleep early in the morning in an effort to avoid getting late at work. There is a normal habit with people to put their phones underneath their pillows in night so that they can be disturbed from heavy sleep more effectively in the morning, But as the technology is ever-changing module, and ever it will be, it is now time to finally say goodbye to our old fashion of waking up and embrace a novel way with some of the best Android alarm applications out there. What are those apps? Let’s explore!

Sleep as Android

With the “Sleep as Android” app by your pillow’s side at night, no matter how deep you are in sleep, the application is capable of finally getting you straight up out of the bed in the morning. The application has a lot of amazing features such as sleep tracking and rating as well as powerful alarming options to make it certain you wake up in the morning. Obviously, you won’t be able to turn off the alarm until some essentials being done for which you need to be wide awake. Here are top

features of Sleep as Android:

  • App hosts a numerous natural soft sounds that will help you fall in a deep and comfortable sleep. But for wake up you can use your own music playlists, integrated app sounds, several alarms, and even sleep talk recording. There are also some in-app purchases as well.
  • To make your wake up a surety, you need to solve up a short puzzle or tap the NFC tag in order to end the loud sound or else it won’t get shut.
  • App uses phone’s accelerometer to track your sleep.
  • Set you own waking time and the app will locate the best minute depending upon your sleep tracking (available in light sleep mode).
  • Your sleep graph, stats, tracking, rating, and much more.

Snap Me Up

This is one of the most creative and best Android alarm applications. You will not be able to stop the loud alarm in the morning by solving any equation, puzzle, writing a word, or any other thing but by taking a selfie of yourself, creatively amazing isn’t it? Other way to stop the alarm is by creating an 8-second video of yourself and the app will shut its mouth. Amazingly, with Snap Me Up you can record the exact moment or feeling you have had at the time you woke up in the day to view it any time later on as the day progresses. In my opinion, this app should have the best Android alarm applications out there.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Like the name suggests, you have to solve a puzzle in order to cool down the apps heated loud-screaming alarm. The UI is very simple to understand and is pretty similar to the default clocks in mobile phones just the options are numerous to stop the alarm in this app. You can enter a captcha code, solve a puzzle, solve a math problem and much more. The app is quite simple and one of the best Android alarm applications on Google Play.

Life Time Alarm Clock

Life Time Alarm Clock is your whole-life companion with simple interface and featured alarm utility. This app simply provides you three options to choose for a wakeup call: Peaceful Wake, Every day, and Fast & Hard. If you switch on the “Peaceful Wake” you will woke up in a gradual motion while “Every Day” is like normal alarm setting and “Fast and Hard” includes several challenges with screaming sounds. All in all a good as far as simple users are concerned. The app is free but you can pay to disable ads, enable premium widgets and timers.

So these were the best Android alarm applications for your use to wake up cleanly in the morning if you don’t want to be late for any meeting, exams, or assignments with the regular clock alarms that just need one click to shut off.

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