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Top 5 Android Browsers In 2015

For every Android user, browsers are actually the most important applications they can install in their smartphones. Web browsers serves their online surfing purposes in the most feasible and best ways available today. So, to enjoy great online content, you also need to have the most advanced and updated browser installed on your Android that can comprehend every requirements of today’s modern website’s conveniently. Therefore, today I am going to introduce to you the top 5 Android browsers that are running high and mighty in the year 2015, followed by millions of download stats on a monthly basis and a continues good reviews. Let’s check them out.

Google Chrome

Like it has maintained its undisputed spot as the ultimate search engine on the web, Google’s Chrome web browser is also the undisputed king among all the browsers on Earth today. In fact, most of the Android phones today comes with Chrome already installed in them. The success of Google Chrome is a similar philosophy to that of Google’s search and other products: user friendliness and featuresome. Google Chrome is one of the only browsers today that keeps updated automatically by Google update services and you don’t have to bother about out-of-date issues. So, for all those who seek easier yet powerful web experience, Google Chrome should have to be their choice.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser was once the topmost browser in the world, until Google Chrome was released. Among the top 5 Android browsers, it is also the most oldest in business because it has been around the scene since the days of Netscape navigator and earlier versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Today, Firefox if the second in line to the great web browsers and a constant competitor to Google Chrome. Firefox gives you a fast web surfing experience with almost a desktop like feel on Android and its features are also quite similar to that of Chrome. You can enjoy Firefox on several devices despite whatever their hardware’s are.

Ghostery Browser

Became known by its very famous Ghostery plugin that blocks all those web-based services which tracks into your privacy, Ghostery browser is the today’s ultimate choice for all privacy-concerned Android users. Ghostery browser consist of such clever algorithms that can track down and block anyone who might be trying to sneak into your online activities, be it shopping, sharing, logging, clicking, watching, or any other thing. It is also very user-friendly and can easily be configured according to your preferences. These reasons, and specially the privacy ones, are enough for me to have this browser among the list of top 5 Android browsers in 2015.

LinkBubble Browser

A more of a browser-type application, LinkBubble actually serves as a widget on your Android screen that can capture links posted online. All you had to do to view a web page in it is to tap upon a link and LinkBubble will open that link in a tiny window for you. You can drag around that screen on your fingertips anywhere you want to, an ideal application for reading articles online.

Atlas Browser

The last among my picks of top 5 Android browser is arguably the most creatively designed web browser known as Atlas. Atlas browser is actually a material design-themed application that contains a very beautiful interface with a good tally of features in it. The most enticing thing about this browser is that you won’t need to install a separate third parry ad-blocker with it because it comes with one of its own which is very formidable as well. You can also switch fast between desktop and mobile view as well as can go in private mode and a couple of other features integrated that will all enrich your web surfing greatly.

Therefore, here I end my list of top 5 Android browsers in 2015 that are currently one of the best, the ablest, the famous, beloved, the magnificent, and undoubtedly unmatchable in quality and web surfing mechanism. Be sure to check them out for your Android and let me know which one worked the best for you?

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