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5 Best Android Custom Roms

If there is anything for which Android phones are famous apart from gaming, communication, and other entertainments; it is actually for rooting the handset. One can get enormous benefits after they root their Android smartphone since it give them access to core system files which you do not have in the normal setup, so you really can’t be able to inflict your full control over the OS. One of the most notable benefit is to add a custom rom into your phone after you have rooted your device. Roms actually handles the display properties of your smartphone and comes in a quite limited space for the users to actually bring any enhancements. So, if you are looking to give your Android phone a nice new features, let’s read about the 5 best Android custom roms which will help you to do that.

5 Best Android Custom Roms

Carbon Rom

Carbon is a name of respect among custom rom makers throughout Android community since the carbon roms provide some great features with high accessibility. With Carbon custom rom, you can keep up to almost 4 apps in a ring at a time, a pretty good solution. You can explore its several options by scrolling through its categorized tabs as well as altering the colors of the navigational bar. There is also a lot more to its story but we leave it to you to personally figure your way out in Carbon rom, a certain choice among the 5 best Android custom roms.

Paranoid Android Roms

A very popular name among custom rom makers, Paranoid enjoys its brilliant repute due to being the first official rom maker for Android Jellybean 4.4.2. The roms they make gives you a lot of potential features that can easily be able to revolutionize the look of your smartphone. Plus, there are custom designs for all the menus in your smartphone and the rom will also enable you to read your notifications right at the moment of their arrival. Paranoid Android roms saves a brilliant amount of space for your phone so that it never gets full after installing the custom roms. It is must install service and try it yourself to see marvelous features and graphical enhancements in your Android phone.

Slim Bean

Here is another custom rom that is one of the 5 best Android custom roms for your Android handset due to the fact that it is quite simple yet very powerful in its working. This rom can significantly open the ways for your Android OS for upgrades quite easily with just a few taps on your phone and its interface always remains clean of any bugs or errors. Also, by installing Slim Bean you can be able to augment the performance of your handset significantly and even reduce battery power loss partly due to its using custom kernel file. It has also a good support for numerous Android launchers with also giving some remarkable UI for your mobile, a must have custom rom I say.


CyanogenMod is a very revered rom among Android community and also comes as a reputed competent among the 5 best Android custom roms. It significantly updates your Android and also permits you to uninstall pre-install apps that are no longer compatible with your upgrade. You can also create profiles with this rom in your smartphone and can restrict access for others user profiles as per your will. It is also a brilliant alternative for organization of several tasks to each of its operator in the phone. Surely, you should try CyanogenMod at least once for your handset.

Pac-man Rom

So, we have reached to the final custom rom among the 5 best Android custom roms in this article and the final one surely reminds us of a great game from our past: The Pac-man if you all remember still which we used to play when we were kids in the 90s on a 385, 486, or Pentium 1 PC. Well, it is the custom rom right now about which we are talking and Pac-man rom comes as a solid contender among the 5 best Android custom roms in this tally.

The great thing about Pac-man rom is that it takes a bit of features from almost all of the famous roms such as AOKP, CyanogenMod, and Paranoid Android and a few of its own to give you a one powerful upgrade for your smartphone. We are quite sure that you will certainly enjoy the features this brilliant rom provides once you use it.

Wow! Did I really wrote about 5 best Android custom roms and almost up to 900 words in just an hour? Boy! Am I becoming a great writer indeed? Well, well, let myself not become too emotional on that and let me value my readers thoughts as to what they think about the 5 best Android custom roms I have shared with them today? Please let us know your experience about these roms in the comments section below.

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