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7 Best Android E-Book Readers

If there is anything that the modern technology has been unable to beat at any rate with all of its advances is the same old ancient hobby of book reading. Ages has passed since men has advanced into his modern form but reading and writing books has always been an integral part of human society and whether for hobby or bringing a reform, books has played their importance at the utmost form. In today’s modern era, like all other things, book reading has also become much digitalized and the current famous format of books is the E-Books which stands for “Electronic Books” or in short PDF. So for all the book lovers on Android, today I will tell you 7 best Android E-Book readers where you can read lots of books of your choice right on your Android phone.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle is something that is known to almost everyone today who is a bookworm, and even to those who are not. On Amazon Kindle you can read a vast variety of books available in their stock which contains millions of titles. Additionally, you can read several popular magazines and newspapers on the Amazon Kindle’s service.

Although, you can enjoy a good amount of free eBooks to satisfy your need but in case you want to go unlimited on all sorts, you need to actually become a paid member. Amazon Kindle offers you syncing on all platforms available today so you can keep in touch with your collection on the go. Definitely a great service among the 7 best Android E-Book readers that you can avail.

Moon+ Readers

The greatest benefit a reader have by using Moon+ Readers application for reading eBooks is that the service supports more than 14 different formats of eBooks. Therefore, it is least likely that Moon+ Readers will disappoint you.

In the applications online library, you can search and read your favorite books which contains huge amount of free eBooks to read from. The interface of the app is quite exquisite and easy to use with additional tools like dictionary, translation, and thesaurus. Moon+ Readers proffers over forty languages in which you can read. There are two versions of the app: One is free and the other is a Pro one which is paid.


On NOOK’s network you can enjoy a staggering 3.5 million eBooks, comics, papers, magazines, and much more. However, the content available on NOOK can only be previewed as a sample but if you want to read something fully you need to buy it from the service.

The one smartest thing NOOK offers is an exclusive night time mode where your interface will work accordingly by presenting a serene night time environment which will make it comfortable for you to read books while you are in bed.

Plus, it will be great for you to doze off in good sleep since latest research tells that reading books before going to bed gives higher chances of a deep and sound sleep, so does NOOK a really worthy option for you? Decide yourself!


Adilko enjoys a formidable repertoire on Google Play because of its mass collection and easiness of usage. Adilko also supports a good variety of formats from which you can read aside from the standard Adobe’s PDF format for eBooks.

One of the great things in Adilko is its highly friendly interface that suits best on phones and tablets with grace. You can easily organize your library into several categories and tags as per your liking. Among the 25 million collection of eBooks, it is unlikely that you won’t find the titles which you always wanted to read online.

Plus, another great benefit with Adilko (which doesn’t comes with a lot of other services) is that in case you have to eliminate the app in the middle or it shuts down accidentally, Adilko will remember your last position and resume from there the next time you start the app, great isn’t it?


FBReader is a very immaculate eBook reading service among the 7 best Android E-Book readers. This is an open source platform where you can enjoy great collection and easiness of reading in a very relaxed set of options.

You can browse online libraries and catalogues to add to your reading shelf in this amazing service with a diversity of 34 languages support. FBReader is also very easy and straight-to-the-point service so I didn’t have any reason not to include it among the 7 best Android E-Book readers.


Kobo is an app that entertains a collection of more than 4 million eBooks to read for their users which consists of such categories as best sellers, comics, classics, science, literatures, children books, magazines, and lots of others. Kobo has also the largest language support amongst all of the services I have described within these 7 best Android E-Book readers.

There are both choices for you on Kobo as the platform proffers free and paid eBooks as well for your reading delight. Plus, you can preview hundreds of eBooks and other materials before you decide on buying any of them. You can also share your personal reviews on the books you have read to help out other readers. Syncing is also available on Kobo across all devices.

Cool Reader

The last among my pick of 7 best Android E-Book readers is an app that has gotten the highest ratings on the Google Play store with over 10 million downloads per month. Yes, you got it right the application sounds cool because it is indeed named as the “Cool Reader” which is a free and open source platform for reading eBooks online.

Additionally, this is the only service in this article that supports not only Android or iOS, but desktop platforms like Windows and Linux as well, some support! However, you might say that an app with such credentials should and must have a tantalizing interface, which is unfortunately not the case with Cool Reader, but hold on! The app certainly fulfills your reading requirements in the best way possible, is it not worth it then?

Cool Reader also supports a large variety of formats like mobi, fb2, PDF, epub, txt, and etc. Additionally, you can enjoy text-to-speech and fairly efficient customization options as well with day/night mode, dictionaries, external css, and more and what more do you expect from a free open source platform?

So, these were my 7 best Android E-Book readers pick which I believe could be very beneficial and appealing to a large book-reading audience out there in the world. So, read the best, learn the excellent, and do the fair with all the knowledge you gain from one of the oldest hobbies in the world.

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