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Ten Best Android Features You Should Not Miss

Everyone wants quick and correct access to the desired site or page promptly. However, in Android and Tablet world, lots of information sharing goes on each and every moment. There are tools today that enables you to do so to check the information on time without any undue delay and in a hassle-free way as well. In the long list of available tools, here are ten best Android features you should not miss that will help you to serve your purpose at best.


OK Google

OK Google placed at the top of the list in relation to our today’s topic about ten best Android features you should not miss. It overlaps the days when most of us use to stoke a key for any search, voice command has revolutionized the world of using fingers to write on. With OK Google, you only need to say the command to your device your system obeys the command and instantly display it for you.

Google Now

This tremendous Google feature is famous for creating magic and many giants wish to copy it. It extends superb support with just a click as it starts functioning to make the feature works sharply within Apps in your Android M. To use the feature you need to allow Google their access to your private stuff, e-mail box and to your calendar areas, but this is in no match to cost, the support you can acquire from using it. It helps you to access the required information in a quick manner.

User Account

This is another feature from our ten best Android features you should not miss. It’s indeed the most neglected feature in our Smartphones that needs some respect. It’s a worthy tool that help bond you to access all the devices in your close proximity with proper settings of multiple user accounts. This way your neighbors can approach any of your stuff as well, devoid of your private junks in addition to your e-mail record. Last but not the least, this feature helps to prevent your kids to stay un-accessed from your private stuff as well.

Active/Ambient Display

It’s not meant for all phones though, it’s an exclusive feature that works in combination of OLED based screens only. There are some 3rd party software’s available in the market that serve the similar purpose, but all these are un-matched to the in-built version of this software. It helps to show any new notification promptly and in-detail without the hassle of tapping new arrivals to see the details in the notification box. This way you can react sharply in accordance with your replying choices to the new arrivals.

Priority mode

In the list of our ten best Android features you should not miss, here is yet another useful feature. Priority mode helps prevent your privacy settings being sneaked by intruders while you’re busy in any on-line proceedings. With proper settings, it helps you an un-interrupted proceedings for a prearranged time period as well.

Quick Setting

To manage whatever options in accordance with your priorities, this feature is a worth having on your Android device. This can help you an effortless access to several promotional features on your handset, settings along with prompt warning notifications in case of any error as well.

Wireless Charging

Its dream come true facility for Android phones users to re-charge the battery of their set without the cord anymore. What you all need is a right selection of Android handset that supports this facility. It’s a fine feature that help you an un-interrupted and prolonged operation on your Smartphone without the risk of battery drain.

Pin App

This feature enables you a full screen display without want off till you enter your password if any. Apart from preventing kid’s access to the games, it prevents 3rd party access to your stuff other then what you have just sent them at your will.

Fast Charging

This is another great feature extended by Google that enable fast charging of your Android device with drained battery, provided that your handset supports this feature. It’s of great worth in emergencies and crises situations.


It’s yet another quality tip from our ten best Android features you should not miss. Always choose an Android that support top features. Its 2015 and you can’t afford to have a device these days that let you always place a leg short from your colleagues and friends. Also for updating what goes around and to get optimum pleasure of Android services you need to think for a device that support all top features currently in the market.


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