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Best Android Google Hangout Tips

Though Hangout is in its evolutionary phase, still it’s a top messaging tool offered by Google for smartphones, iOS & for the web. Now you can better manage your SMS through Hangouts; its looks eminent that it’s prepared to take its oversized share from “Google’s Project Fi Network” once it expands across the net. Following are our Best Android Google Hangout Tips that will enhance and augment your Hangout experience on Android.

Hide Sensitive Content

Lollipop oriented system holders are always at risk of disclosing their private conversations once their Android phone access any third party. How to save an embarrassing moment? Well, it’s simple! You just go to the settings of your Android phone to prevent this risk by clicking on “sound & notification” then select App Notifications –select Hangouts – then click the “Sensitive” Button. Your private data will be protected from third party access.

Add SMS Capabilities

You can set Hangouts as your default key messaging tool on your smartphone for regular IM chats. Well, how you can do that? Just go to settings then to “SMS” and click the topmost selection to activate the feature, a confirmation notice will be displayed at your device’s screen. This is one of the Best Android Google Hangout Tips to help you to better manage your device.

Snooze Notifications

Occasionally, it might be possible you don’t want to be troubled by Hangout conversation, say, you’re going to sleep or participating in a party and wants to avoid seeing Google Hangout alerts you again and again! Simply click to snooze the related notifications along with selecting “Do Not Disturb” on the main Hangout screen for any specific time period.

Setting up the Widget

Another of our Best Android Google Hangout Tips for viewing the list of your chats, and to check your recent conversations or messages on the Hangouts screen of your device without entering in the app. Just click and hold your finger on the home screen—select widget—then click Hangouts for required display. Easy isn’t it?

Send Messages to Your Circle

Hangouts rock solidly bonded to Google+ on mobile and web services you may take benefit from it by dispatching the message to all members of a particular group of your family or friends. How to do that? After opening the message tab—click the + key on the top right of the screen—then start typing the group name and click it for desired message to deliver to a particular set of a people.

Delete Message As You Go

Hangout keeps all the details of your chats by default. It’s a valuable option to recollect the desired conversation if deleted accidentally. Still if you don’t want to hold any specific record of your conversations, then click the Menu (menu displayed in the form of three vertical dots), select Turn History Off. Desired chats will be deleted automatically after a set period of time.

We do hope that these Best Android Google Hangout Tips will benefit a lot to better your experience and enable you to skillfully operate Google Hangout on your Android device without out having a risk of any displeasure.

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