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Tracking Your Movement? 4+ Free Android Pedometer Apps You Should have

Thanks to the advancement in technology related to hardware and software of a smartphone, we now can do almost everything a computer can do, right on our smartphone. In fact, there are various things which now our smartphones can do which a computer can only dream of. After all, we cannot move with our desktop in the bag pack or run carrying a laptop, no matter how lightweight it is.

That’s the thing I want to talk about today. You love running and that’s the first good thing about you. But, you can earn a second best thing by using your smartphone to track your running and walking activities. It will help you keep a daily data which you can monitor and tweak the results accordingly.

An application or a device that can track your running is commonly named as Pedometer. Earlier, there were specific gadgets developed to do this thing, but now since we have our smartphone with the same capability, we don’t need to buy those dedicated gadgets.

But, most of the smartphone doesn’t come with a software application which can make use of the hardware present inside. Thanks to the Android’s ecosystem, we are allowed to install any well-configured application and if your device is eligible to use Google’s ecosystem, then you can grab those apps right from the Google play store.

Best Free Android Pedometer Apps

Now, if you make a search for pedometer apps on Play store, you will find dozens of options to try out, which can easily confuse you. To take you out from the confusion, I have planned this compilation here consisting of best free Android pedometer apps. You can pick any of them and it will start helping you the way you want.

#1 Runtastic Running & Fitness

This particular application is at the number one spot in this very special niche among users and you can easily confirm it by its millions of users. It comes in two form, one is complete and another one is LITE version. I hope you get the message of keeping these two versions by their names.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.45.59 pm

The user interface is pretty sleek, simple and elegant enough to keep you motivated in using the application in future. In a day or week of using it, you will get addicted for sure. It will keep the data of your daily running and steps you have walked intact which is accessible any time you want.

The list of features offered is very long and I recommend you to check it at the official listing of this app inside the Play store. You can follow the link I have added down here from your smartphone and it will take you to the place, where you just have to click on ‘Install’ option.

Download from Google play store

#2 Noom Walk Pedometer:Fitness

As the name suggests, it counts the number of walks you have taken and also showcase related data. Like the calories, you have burnt on a particular day, or an extra mile you want to count in order to meet your weight loss goal, etc. The UI of this app is the best I have ever seen in an Android application. There are other applications launched by the same developer which are all helpful during the weight loss program. You shouldn’t miss checking out this application.

Download from Google play store

#3 Nike+ Running

Every runner either loves Nike or Puma. These two brands have always stayed ahead of the competition when it comes to fitness apparel and now they are also moving in the digital world we live. This app is official from the Nike and it can help you know the distance you covered while walking or running.

You are allowed to set a goal which the app will notify you continuously. It will not only keep that data intact within, but it will also allow you to access it, in order to know your progress. The UI is simple and elegant. My best feature is the competition campaigns running within this application. We can participate in them and stay motivated.

Download from Google play store

#4 Accupedo Pedometer

If your smartphone is compatible to run this application at its full throttle then you don’t have to look at any other pedometer Android application. It comes without any price tag and offers a number of cool features which are required within such an application. It works on an intelligent algorithm which starts tracking your walk or run once you take more than 10 consecutive steps.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.46.07 pm

Every data is recorded and kept for you to monitor. It comes with customizable widgets that can show distance, minutes, calories, right on the home screen. You are even allowed to resume/pause/reset the data meter.

Download from Google play store

#5 Moves

This app doesn’t offer too many features, but covers the basic one to be listed here. My favorite feature is the inclusion of Maps, where it shows the path we went while walking or running, distance covered, and every other related data. It helps in knowing the best route, as per our requirements and goal sets. Its basic feature of recording the walk and run works automatically.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.46.15 pm

Download from Google play store

#6 Runtastic Pedometer Step Count

Remember our first application? That was offering almost everything an app in this niche can. But, if you want the limited feature, which are especially covering the step count, then consider using this  one. Yes, it is available without any price tag.

Download from Google play store

Wrap up

These were the apps I found worth sharing. Each of them is well capable to complete the requirements at your end, as a pedometer but I will still wish to know your choice. You can start a discussion anytime on any related topic to get help or sharing the experience. Yes, now it’s your turn to write!

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