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The Best Custom ROMs for Your Android

ROM, or Read-only Memory, is “built-in” memory that is used in electronics such as cell phones and computers. ROM is what allows you to keep information after your electronic device has been powered down or restarted. Unlike RAM, or Random Access Memory. ROM can be recovered after a shut down. For those of us with Android phones, me included, sometimes using a custom ROM is a great idea when you do not like the original user interface. Using a custom ROM for an Android phone can be awesome as the original stock ROM does not allow for much customization. With a custom ROM you can change the whole look and feel of your phone and make using it a more personalized experience. In addition, using a custom ROM will give you access to the current version of Android OS before it is even released.

1. AOKP Custom ROM

AOKP is short for Android Open Kang Project and is a great custom ROM for anyone who loves stock Android. AOKP contains several awesome features that are easy to use for any newbie. It’s simple and all the settings should be found in the ROM control tab in the settings section of your phone.

Among several other features that make AOKP so awesome is that it allows you to change the height and transparency of the navigation and status bar to fit your individual preference. The navigation bar and ring can also be customized by pinning shortcuts to your favorite apps. This makes it easier to keep your apps collected and your cell phone free of clutter.

AOKP also provides other ways to manage your apps and find them easier. For instance, you can add a ribbon of apps to the notification bar or the lock screen. But, the coolest feature for this custom ROM would be the vibrations and animations that you can customize from the settings menu to indicate different tasks.

2. Vanilla Rootbox

Vanilla Rootbox is the hybrid child of AOKP and CyanogenMod and has many of the same features from both custom ROMs. Along with adjustable navigation bars and easy app storage, Vanilla Rootbox also provides the user with OTA updates. Vanilla Rootbox can be a good and easy change of pace for Android users so it’s worth a try.

3. CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod is an amazing custom ROM that has many unique and easy to use settings and modifications. It is undoubtedly the most famous and sought after custom ROM among smartphone users. CyanogenMod delivers amazing system optimizations without overloading your Android phone’s processes.

CyanogenMod is actually one of the most stable custom ROMs on this list. Since it’s creation, CyanogenMod has made quite a name for itself and has become so famous that the new Yu Yureka smartphones have chosen it as their default ROM.

If you’re looking for a smart custom ROM that is easy, smart, and stable for your devices, CyanogenMod is also one of the easiest custom ROMs to install. It is perfect for anyone from technology savants to newbies as it provides a one-click download process.

4. Pac-man ROM

Pac-man ROM is an easy to use, all-in-one custom ROM that many find fun and very well-rounded. Pac-man ROM is considered very well-rounded because it takes qualities and features from custom ROMs such as Android Open Kang Project, CyanogenMod, and Paranoid Android. It takes the best of each of these custom ROMs and manufactures it in a very easy to use system.

It is fun and provides cute animations similar to the Pac-Man series (hence it’s name, “Pac-man ROM”). It has adjustable navigation tools and other easy tools to upgrade your Android experience. I highly recommend this custom ROM for any person looking to ascent their Android interface and system.

5. Slim Bean

If any of you are like me, then you might be a little overwhelmed by the technology jargon. Luckily, there are easy custom ROMs, like this one, that can satisfy the newbie in all of us. Slim Bean is probably the simplest and easiest custom ROM to use for Android phones. Instead of making too many changes to your phone’s settings, Slim Bean’s main focus is to supply their users with a new, bug-free interface.

People new to the custom ROM world may find this custom ROM easier to use than most of the others. Slim Bean, unlike other custom ROMs, has a primary focus on upgrading your interface and displays rather than tweaking the system of your phone.

Probably the best feature of Slim Bean is that it will automatically update your phone to the latest Android version with a one, easy click installment. And, as Slim Bean uses a custom Kernel for a processor, it automatically gives your phone better performance and better battery life.

6. ParanoidAndroid

The custom ROM, ParanoidAndroid has been mentioned a few times throughout this article because it is probably one of the only other custom ROMs that can compete with CyanogenMod. ParanoidAndroid makes regular updates to maintain its quality and efficiency. And, it also adds a bunch of fresh, new features to your phone.

Considered as one of the best custom ROMs for Android phones, ParanoidAndroid allows the user to change the color scheme of their navigation and status bars; in addition, Paranoid Android also allows users to make several small changes to the functionality of their Android phones.

Cool features, such as the “hybrid mode” gives users the ability to set apps in accordance with a tablet layout on your phone. Other modes, like the HALO feature, are used to provide easy access to recently closed apps by permitting the “floating mode”. Floating mode is a function in ParanoidAndroid that allows users to open mini-versions of recently closed apps without leaving the current app the user has running.

7. Carbon ROM

While not quite on par with the rest of the custom ROMs, Carbon ROM does still offer cool features that many Android users will enjoy. Carbon ROM is based on an AOSP, which is short for a type of ROM available through the Android Open Space Project.

Carbon ROM can allow you to access a variety of features such as the Chronus Clock Widget and various different lock screen options.

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