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9+ Best Free VPN Sites

For surfing namelessly, free proxy sites are the best option to do so. This is something very important for folks who want their access to blocked sites, living in tyrant countries that banned the sites like You Tube and other social networks, along with in our society; there are some educational institutes who banned the social networks, torrent and similar sites in their premises to bar the students from extracurricular activities during the study time. In our today’s write up for 9 best free VPN sites we introduce you to top proxy sites that help you to get your access to desired blocked site safely. If you haven’t any idea for how to change proxy in web browser manually, then learn to understand the process to smoothly done that operation. In the lines below we introduce you to some best risk-free proxy’s.


This top proxy effortlessly allows your access to the desired blocked site safely, it also help you with a guide to introduce ways for how to open blocked sites even. This way you easily get access to your desired site without any difficulty by putting the URL in appropriate bar and clicking it to do so.


It facilitates your access to desired blocked site safely with taking care of your privacy as well, it will encrypt your connection to hide your IP address for successful connection to the site while you’re busy in surfing your desired website.


In our today’s guide for 9 best free VPN sites, XRoxy.com extends a lengthy list of accessible web proxies, including open and country proxies, this way they help you to open your blocked site without much difficulty by using right proxy. This huge compilation of proxies is automatically updated from their end; it will help your access through a properly active proxy to the desired site.


This web proxy also provides secure and targeted services to open whatever blocked site users wish to open with secure privacy jurisdiction, it’s a top updated site that works with HTML5, and this enables you to watch the site on your mobile as well.


Anonymouse.org has been one of the oldest, fast, and efficient free proxy website among the 9 best free VPN sites. It is also very easy to understand and use to access all the restricted content over the web from your location. To access blocked content, all you need is to go to Anonymouse.org and write down the address of the blocked site in the address bar and hit the enter button so Anonymouse will then take you to your destination. The good thing about Anonymouse (apart from its fast services) is that it remembers your credentials and saves your IP address so in case next time you come to the site your info will be well remembered.


Undoubtedly one of the best free proxy/VPN website that a user can find over the web and among the 9 best free VPN sites, ProxFree provides its user a complete VPN experience that is quite similar to a paid service. You can not only access the blocked websites in a very fast speed but there are additional security options as well such as trackers blocking, secure location, blocking malicious scripts/adware’s, and so on so forth. Plus, you can choose from a variety of locations within and outside of United States and around the globe from where you would like to access from. Due to these remarkable qualities, and all free as well, ProxFree enjoys a user base of more than 5 million active users around the globe.


Kproxy is a very simple VPN site where you can access all the blocked content over the web with quite an easiness. The website hides your personal data and uses good technology in order to make your anonymous surfing a safe experience on the web. It also provides an extension for your browser where you can integrate it and enjoy surfing blocked content from there. In general, the basic services are free but there is a premium Kproxy service as well which you can use after paying a fee and get the highest speed, no ads, and unlimited access.


Proxysite is another good alternative among the free VPN sites that specifically geared towards students. Although, you can gain access to almost every restricted website but there is q free quota limited upon using it on sites other than those which are about educational purposes. This free proxy site is best for those students who live in hostels in universities/colleges to access those sites blocked by the servers of the respective college/university.


The last pick in our free VPN sites is just like its name suggests. IT not only lets you explore the blocked website but also blocks the trackers online and keep your privacy safe. You can surf the web anonymously as much as you want using dontfilterus.com conveniently.

So, I hope that these free VPN sites will enable you to actually explore and see all the content on the web which is blocked on your current location. So use these sites and let me know in the comments how do you find them?

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