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The Best FTP Clients (Free and Paid) for Your Mac

The best File Transfer Protocol for Mac, comes in both free and paid versions and I’m here with a compilation of the same. Yes, you will find all the best FTP clients (free and paid) for your Mac. I guess, this is what you’ve been looking for, and finally getting the same.

Best FTP Clients (Free and Paid) for Your Mac

Let’s start with the compilation directly. So, following are the options in front of you, which you can start with. If it isn’t mentioned as Paid, then that particular choice comes without any price tag.

#1 FileZilla

Even if you’re a newbie to this part of the Internet, you’ve still heard this name before, or read it somewhere. FileZilla is the one standing above every option available and it can be used without paying anything at all. Also, it is widely used by millions of users around the globe.

In case, if you’re using it for the Windows platform, then the UI found will be simpler, when its compared to the UI for the Mac version. So, go ahead and start with it, and I can assure that it will be quick to learn, setup, and way better at performance, than any other in the competition, at least in the free ones.

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#2 Transmit (Paid)

This is the number one paid option in this specific niche of software, and as you can expect, comes with premium features. The feature list starts with Drag and Drop uploading facilities, inline previews, favourite locations, droplets, Dashboard widgets, active synchronisation, and many more.


You can run and control different servers using the Tab options available inside the software itself. Thus, you can move a lot of data simultaneously in a single attempt. The price starts at $34 and once you pay, you get the complete and fully functional software to rely upon.

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#3 CyberDuck

This particular free option offers Amazon S3, Amazon Cloudfront, Google, and many other service providers integrations. The integration is built in within, thus, it is well integrated and works like charm. Rest, the UI is pretty simple and elegant enough to get addicted from the very first moment of usage trials.

It comes without any price tag at all and supports all required features like Quick Look, and few unique ones like Growl, Quick Remote editing, Text Editor, etc. If you find millions of users praising the software, then you’ll probably find the reason behind its simple and elegant user interface.

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#4 FireFTP

As some of you might have guessed that its related to the Mozilla Firefox browser, you’re right. It is an extension which can be added into the Firefox browser and then can be used to access the FTP of the server anywhere. The extension comes without any price tag. It doesn’t slow down the performance of the system or of the browser itself, rather, works like a champ.

The best part of using this option is that you don’t get the performance of the system affected at all. Additionally, if Firefox is available for a platform, then FireFTP is also available on the same. So, you can call it as a platform independent option, which doesn’t come with a price tag.

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#5 Fetch (Paid)

This is a paid option, as you can judge from the title itself, and it does come with a better user interface, than any other mentioned above. In fact, it looks somewhat like the Finder application of the Mac. So, you’re not learning any new interface, technically, as its pretty similar.


It can work on the FTP and also on the SFTP (Secured) connections, and offers other security services like Kerberos service. It is said to be highly stable, which is another good thing to consider while installing any software or application.

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#6 Yummy FTP (Paid)

This is the last one from my side, which again comes with a price tag, and offers a unique user interface and some features too. It covers all the basic features and tools you’re looking to get, and the additional ones are the real bonus, for which you’re paying.

It can be used to access Local and FTP files at the servers, which is really nice. Everything is synchronised between the two ends, all the time, which keeps the data security at a very high level. You are even allowed to create alias names to the favourite servers, which makes it easy to access in future.

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Over to You

Finally, it’s your call to make, not mine. Go ahead and choose the one looking best according to the requirements. The only thing I’m interested in knowing is the selection you’re making finally. See in the discussion section!

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