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Five Best Pet Care Apps For Android Users

There are billions of people on this planet who use technology in several ways. The same or a bit lesser is the number of animal-lovers as well who have some kind of pet in their homes. Especially in the west, you may see almost every fifth home owner is a pet owner as well and this includes famous celebrities as well. So keeping this thing in mind, I have selected the five best pet care apps for Android users who wants to manage the health and happiness of tier animal companions digitally and easily managed via their smartphones. Such smartphone apps will be your instant guide and careful tips provider any time if you need assistance for your pets. Here are the apps:


DoggyDatez is more like a social media for dog owners where you can meet other dog owners in your territory. Options are varied in this application where you can make a search for your preferred dogs and their owners by using dog age, gender, dog breed, diet, etc. DoggyDatez is available on both iOS and Android platforms for users to get to know more doggy’s in their reach.


This app is specifically geared towards Fish aquarium owners where the management of aquarium and water requires a good knowledge and timely effort. Every Aquarium holds a different chemistry according to the fishes it has. Therefore, AqDiary is the app which will keep a track record of the changes you have done and the changes required to be done according to the type of fish and aquarium as well.

Map My Dog Walk

A very celebrated pet care app among the five best pet care apps for Android, Map My Dog Walk is an application that will keep you and your dog fit essentially at the same time. With Map My Dog Walk, you can track your doggy’s running, save your tracking records, explore through the calories being burnt and even map your favorite routes via GPS feature in the app. Additionally, you can share photos and other geotagging data easily with this app.

Pet First Aid

With Pet First Aid you will be able to assist your pets in the case of a sudden emergency caused by a minor accident or injury. It will additionally guide you on various aspects of several pet diseases and how to avoid them. The amazing feature in this app includes guidance not only in text but videos and illustration versions as well for the owner to better understand and do accordingly in any harmful situation.

Pet Names

Like the name suggests, find out several kinds of pet names in this apps enormous pet names directory. You can find names for cats, dogs, gerbils, turtles, and birds conveniently. The application is free and available for both iOS and Android users.

So, above were five best pet care apps for Android as well as some are for iOS too. Next time you need any assistance in taking care of your pets be sure that these Android apps for pet care will prove to be a crucial addition to your knowledge and taking care of your pets.

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