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Best Ringtone Downloading Apps for Android

Tell me one thing which an app can’t do which your phone or computer can. One general thing which you need badly and your smartphone isn’t capable of doing that through apps. You can even download ringtones and set them according to your taste using the apps. Here I am sharing the best ringtone downloading apps for Android users.

If you haven’t thought it yet, that an app can even let you download ringtones and even manage their settings inside. I am pretty sure you are done selecting and using the default ringtones your Android phone bought you and now you are looking to change things.

Here, I will give you a chance to do that thing and that too pretty simply. Just go through the list, select any app which is looking good to you and begin using it.

Android Ringtone Apps Best

Best Ringtone Downloading Apps for Android

Most of these apps are working on any Android devices but some of them might require a latest Android device. So, you need to check the compatibility tab on the Google play store before getting them installed. This is the only reason why the app couldn’t work at your end or deliver a bad experience.


This is a website offering thousands of wallpapers, ringtones, songs and many other content which are developed keeping mobile phones in mind. It has been available since years and I still remember using it over my Moto ROKR e8, a featured phone in 2010. The app is official and available for free over the Google play store.

Trust me, no other website can offer better ringtones and other media content for a smartphone than ZEDGE. The app is simple to use and the content is really the number one feature here. I am pretty sure you will always going to love the content available inside. Categories are there to quickly toggle between different content and it also offers multiple sharing options. The best part is that it senses the device you are having and offers content which fits best for it.

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#2 Audiko ringtones

This app is another best one which you can use right away and get thousands of ringtones for free. You get different categories to choose the content from and even select the quality (bitrates) of the audio file you are about to download. A profile system is also supported where you can have yours and keep your favorite and custom ringtones.

Yes, you can create your own custom ringtones and upload it for the rest of the world. A top chart is also maintained according to country which is another impressive feature to count on.

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#3 Ringtone Maker

This app is developed by a registered application development company which gives you a headstart that you are about to use a genuine one. It offers free ringtones along with a tool that can help you to create a ringtone out of the complete audio track.

The tool looks simple but pretty good on performance and functionality. If you wish to delete a ringtone or accidently did it, then a confirmation is asked before the final take down. The app takes care of every content according to artists, genre, album and many other factors.

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#4 MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers

MyTinyPhone or MTP has also published an Android application which is available under the Personalization category and you don’t need to pay anything for using it. It holds to one of the largest collection of ringtones and wallpapers and I am pretty sure that you are going to find the one you are looking for your phone.

The cool feature inside is that it lets you listen to a ringtone before actually downloading it or setting it the default tone. Wallpapers are additional content which are also required for our phones to make them look cool. The app also offers a sharing feature which can help you share ringtones and wallpapers directly with your real friends.

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#5 New Ringtones

You may not like the user interface of this application but the kind of collection it has is the main deal. Since, we are looking for ringtones mainly, so this app can be counted in. It will not only provide the ringtone files to download but also allows you to directly make them the tone for a particular notification and even set it as an alarm tone.

This deep integration with your phone is the real deal and personally I was impressed with the way it works. It is simple and kind of helpful. If the developer can do a visual makeover for this app then it can beat any other in the list above.

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#6 Business Ringtones

This is the last application I will recommend for people who are looking for ringtones that looks professional. Till now, you have been keeping the default ringtone alive on your business phone because it looks professional and sophisticated, right? Well, if you can get a chance to change that, then here is yours.

Use this app as it got a wide collection of tons which suits people in business background. If you are looking for any funky or cool genre then this isn’t the store you should be knocking at.

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Final words

I hope you have finalized the app you are going to use. If one doesn’t fit your requirements then you can opt for the second one. That’s why I compiled a list of options over here. If you can share the one which is working perfectly with you and experience you are having with it, then it’s going to help me improve this compilation and many other users going to read and seek help out of this guide. Peace.

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