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9 Best Screen Recording Windows Software’s

Screen recording or screen shot taking software’s and apps have become a norm today. There are simply many ways a person can utilize such software’s/apps for their own as well as other people’s benefit. To give you just a one or two heavy examples of their potential, think about the growing freelancing community in the online world and the way which ensures the hiring clients about the honesty and fairness of their hired freelancers. Almost all the major online freelancing platforms are using a screen recording software which takes a screenshot after every few minutes of the desktop at freelancers end. Plus, one needs to make a tutorial, presentation of him/herself, or simply if someone is marketing their content on video hosting sites. The possibilities are just endless and due to this reason I am introducing you to 9 best screen recording Windows software’s which I am sure you will find highly utilizable and easy to maneuver.

9 Best Screen Recording Windows Software’s


The very first screen recording software among the 9 best screen recording Windows software’s I am about to tell you is the Jing. First of all, the good about this tool is that it’s a totally free of cost application for your Windows. Second, Jing is small but very powerful screen recording software that has almost all of the crucial tools integrated within it which make your screen recording endeavor an easier one. You can simply strategize, create, and share your simple videos of any sort with anyone using the Jing’s own dashboard. Plus, while the software is free, you will still get tech support from the makers TechSmith, who are very well known for their lineage of premium screen recording/video editing software. So download and enjoy Jing’s simple but effective screen recording service for free.

Camtasia Studio

I presume that this application has no need for any kind of introduction to our readers here, right? One of the most famous and well-received product in the IT community for screen recording and video editing, Camtasia Studio has become a hit premium software in a very short span of time. Also developed by the TechSmith Inc., Camtasia Studio is your ultimate complete solution for all types of screen recording, video editing, integration, sharing, and so much more. Camtasia Studio is serving across all major platforms: PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Although, the software has enormous rich features, but they come at a price since this is a premium application. So if you are interested in creating some serious online videos portal of your own or starting a tutorial site, I recommended using Camtasia Studio.


ActivePresenter is by far the best screen recording software for educational purposes among the 9 best screen recording Windows software’s. With ActivePresenter on your side, you are free to create interactive videos/screenshots and could add remarkable short descriptions to your videos/screenshots as well. Some of the great add-ons you can use in ActivePresenter for your videos are:

  • Graphical Elements
  • Voiceovers
  • Callouts
  • Annotations

Plus, with the integrated support for SCORM-compliant Learning Management System Suite, it becomes one of the best software for creating educational videos easily. The software is free to use (with a professional version as well) and you will end up creating great bunch of videos for your every task comfortably.


Another great product by the masters of video editing/creation software’s TechSmith, Snagit has been referred by many professionals & individuals alike for its highly multi-tasking works. Snagit gives you a wide range of features that you will enjoy in your process of video creation and recording such as its integration to online cloud services, great editing utilities, creating custom hotkeys, free tech support and much more. However, unlike most of the other screen recording PC software’s, Snagit is not effective in its free version and if you really like to unleash its power you need to spend a good amount of cash to buy this great screen recording application. But take that for sure, the purchase will be rewarded with great support and features for you.


This is an open-source, free, and one of the best screen recording software’s you may ever get for your PC. Webinaria offers you such options as to create Flash videos, adding your voiceover, inserting texts, and setting up hotkeys. Although, you may not be able to create a huge amount of videos through this software but whatever you will create, you will create with full authority over it. Try using Webinaria and I am sure it will serve your purpose the best.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Although, the name of this application might give a chilly sensation in these months of winter, but there is really nothing very cold about this software. Being a free tool for video recording and screenshot capturing, Icecream Screen Recorder is by far the only software among the 9 best screen recording Windows software’s that has the most ancient range of Windows support today, going back respectively to Windows 2000 which is almost going to be 16 years older soon in 2016. With Icecream Screen Recorder, you can effectively bring in a variety of creativity in the videos and screenshots you take by using its drawing panel. Plus, create your custom hotkeys, audio settings, clipboard, project history, screenshot URL feature and much more in Icecream Screen Recorder.


EZVID is one of those software’s in which you can instantly record videos and send them to any online video portal, specifically YouTube. EZVID is a free companion that will assist you in recording videos as well as editing them right inside it. You will find almost all of the crucial tools needed to record and edit your videos collection and upload them to YouTube instantly. Additionally, the software also supports speech synthesis, speed control, and supports all Microsoft OS since Windows XP.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

The most simple and easy to use software among the 9 best screen recording Windows software’s, Rylstim Screen Recorder is free to use and gives you a basic set of options to customize your recording environment. The convenience of recording videos comes just right after your installation when the software will ask you 3 basic questions on which you would like your recorded video to be based on Codec, Location (for saving), Frame rate. Once providing the application your preferred credentials on these 3 things, all you need to do is just press “Start” and on your recording goes. The finished product will be opened to you so you can simply see the result. Simple is that the process of Rylstim Screen recorder. Oh and also the software is free with a portable version as well.


CamStudio is another most highly regarded PC software for capturing screenshots and recording videos. The software has been so popular that it has the record for being one of the highest downloaded free applications for Windows. Although, does not provide you a huge variety of options to enjoy, but whatever it offers you is much important than just having a higher number of features. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons for this software’s huge popularity it smoothens and provides you a great experience and friendly assistance in capturing shots and recording videos. Try CamStudio yourself in practical and you will know why I praise it so much.

So, these were my pick of 9 best screen recording Windows software’s. I don’t know whether this list has provided you the answer to your quest in this specific niche or not (favor me by telling in comments) but I am sure of one thing that this list is indeed one of the best for your video/screenshot capturing recording quest. So, let me know your experiences with these software’s in the comments and how they have helped you in video recording and screenshot capturing.

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