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6 Best Video Converting Software’s

In today’s entertainment world videos are a great source to enjoy your dull moments. You can watch videos on your laptop, desktop, mobile, or your tablet directly from an online source or by inserting a HD in proper device. You may have noticed that sometime your device is unable to load a particular video. Well, it happens mainly due to your device not supporting the offered format of a video. There are many formats used by video up-loaders around the world including but not limited to MP3-4, AVI, FLV, 3GP along with some other formats. Your device needs a working compatibility with video format for running the video smoothly. How to overcome these issues to enable your device to watch the desired video of whatever format? The answer is in our today’s write up of 6 best video converting software’s, which we will introduce to you. So, shall we begin? Right away!


Total Video Converter – 6 Best Video Converting Software’s

6 Best Video Converting Software’s

Total Video Converter

It’s the top video converting software of our list. It meant to run on Windows and Mac OS systems, it offers compatibility with every version of Windows, which help you to convert a part or whole file to desired format. Total Video Converter offers help to display a preview of your desired video along with supporting various mobile formats. the compatibly scale is also large consisting of formats such as MOV, AVI, MVW, MP4, MPEG, MPEG2 and 4, AVC, TIF, and including support for numerous mobile formats of Brands like Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry and Sony. The interface is also very easy to use as well. In other words, Total Video Converter stands as the best among 6 best video converting software’s.


It’s the 2nd top video converting software from our list of 6 best video converting software’s. It’s a free of cost software which you can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, along with supporting MP4, MKV, MPEG 2 and 4 formats, it can convert video files to all Android versions including 3GP and some other mobile versions as well. You can also convert audio only videos through using this converter software even.

Format Factory

Format Factory is a software which you can download totally free of cost. It supports numerous video formats including MPG, MP3 and 4, TIF, BMP, FLV, VMA, 3GP, and OGG. It supports 65 different languages along with supporting iPhone OS. The unique quality of this software is that it repairs damaged video files too along with converting and offering Shutdown facility once the task is completed. Format Factory can be used to format more than one file at a time as well, is it not a worthy inclusion then among the 6 best video converting software’s?

Wondershare Video Converter

This is another totally free online software with worthy qualities. It’s a fastest video converter compared to all its competitors, a quality that alone gives a considerable place to this software among the 6 best video converting software’s but do check more on this one forward. Wondershare supports all windows versions. It help download videos from various sources at a time and can convert video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG and lots of other. It supports all of the mobile formats as well. You can see a whole video or a clip a part of it by using this powerful video converting software.

AVS Media Converter

It’s the 5th of our 6 best video converting software’s and it currently supports Windows OS only. It’s a free of cost software as well. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8. The compatible formats for this program are: AVI, AVCHD, VOB, MPEG, Blu-Ray, MKV and FLV. It’s also compatible with top mobile Brands including Sony, Android, Apple and Blackberry. You can share videos with your friends using this software. After you have finished your task on it, you can safely shut down your PC through the software’s interface as well.

MPEG StreamClip

It’s the last video converter software in our list of 6 best video converting software’s and is also a free of cost alternative. It offers compatibility with Mac and Windows OS and supports formats such as VOB, MPEG, AVI, PS, DV, MOV, REC, MMC and VID along with lots of others. MPEG StreamClip also supporting all the major mobile formats too. It offers help to cut, clip, or edit and share videos through its own interface saving you time from going here and there on other applications. Additionally, it also offers video download facility from Google and You Tube with entering the link of a particular video, along with playing the videos in this software as well.

So, we believe our 6 best video converting software’s will help you to enjoy your entertaining moments at best, with spending 0 sum of money to purchase these software’s from an online source. Kindly let us know through your comments if this write up is proved worthy for you to watch the videos that your device didn’t supported previously?

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