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Best Ways For Getting Free Wi-Fi Anywhere

Today Wi-Fi has become our basic necessity in life since most of the world population either has an Android phone or other Wi-Fi supported devices. Wherever you go, a Wi-Fi service availability brings a great smile to your face since SIM-based GPRS data is not available at every place or incur high rates for international roaming. So, getting free Wi-Fi anywhere would be the first choice for any traveler or explorer going on a voyage around several places at times. Today I will teach you some quick ways for getting free Wi-Fi anywhere so that you can continues to use web-based services and stay connected with your loved ones without any hurdles. Let’s begin then.

Using the Wi-Fi Scanner

Your Android phone already comes with a built-in Wi-Fi scanner that can scan for and show all the available connections in the particular area you are in. In order to see available Wi-Fi connections at your location, just go to settings > Wi-Fi and see what connection are available and whether they are secured, unsecured, or open ones. Connect to the most appropriate connection according to its properties and enjoy using Wi-Fi at your new location for free. For better security against open and unsecured connection, you might use a VPN service also which can be bought on very cheap rates through Google Play store.

Acquiring Wi-Fi Connections at Hotels

This is actually a bit of tricky way for getting free Wi-Fi anywhere. Many hotels reception staff doesn’t think to ask or know about whether you are their customer or not. In this case if you happen to go inside a hotel for a drink or meal, you can ask the reception staff about their Wi-Fi password and hopefully most of them will give you a slip paper containing the password. Just hope that they won’t be the ones to verify if you are staying at their hotel or not.

Joining a free Wi-Fi Community

This is also a very accommodating way for getting free Wi-Fi anywhere or at any place. All you need to do is to join a Wi-Fi community where there are several users using a free Wi-Fi connections combined. Actually, there is an app that serves this purpose by the name of Instabridge, which is a crowd-sourced Wi-Fi platform. If any user has paid for the elite service, the rest of the herd can also use the Wi-Fi totally for free. Therefore, this is one of the most recommend way for getting free Wi-Fi anywhere.

Connect To Your Friends Subscription Freely

If you cannot afford a succinct Wi-Fi plan as of now, perhaps linking your phone to your friends Wi-Fi subscription would just do the work for you. You can easily connect to your friend’s Wi-Fi and then quickly check your social messages or important mails for a while. However, just avoid going to YouTube or Netflix to watch a movie or you might end up losing one friend in this world.

Go To A Library

Libraries are the best places where one can find Wi-Fi connections active always. This might be the best way for getting free Wi-Fi anywhere. Head to the librarians desk or sit down with a book quietly as many libraries have Wi-Fi passwords printed on their walls. So, gain knowledge and share it on the web with your circle while you are in a library.

Therefore, these were some of the best ways by which getting free Wi-Fi anywhere is possible for you. However, make sure one thing that the security concerns over open and unsecured Wi-Fi connections are high. You should better use a VPN service or a good firewall software in your Android while connecting to several Wi-Fi networks outside your home-based one, which means if you are in travel or going at different places.

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