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Best Ways to Secure Wi-Fi Network

Wireless or Wi-Fi networks are the norms for today’s internet environment. Many people across the world are enjoying the best web experience through using Wi-Fi networks in their home, office, or even in travel where Wi-Fi is the vital internet service providing technology. But likewise on the web, Wi-Fi too is not completely secure against scammers, phishing attackers, and or several other online threats therefore you have several reasons to protect yourself while you are using a Wi-Fi network for connectivity, especially if you are traveling. So, keeping this thing in mind here are some of the best ways to secure Wi-Fi network from all kinds of threats out there.

Change The Default Passwords On Your Router

This is actually one of the most crucial mistake that most Wi-Fi user’s single handedly make. Router’s comes with their own default password that are not so hard or complicated to be guessed by master-minded hackers or phishing attackers with their supreme harmful codes/malicious activities. In fact, most of the un-ethical hackers already have default passwords of many of the router manufacturers to stealth their way through in case they want to hack a confidential data or program.

Therefore, replacing the default password of your router is one of the best ways to secure Wi-Fi network which you are using against several un-ethical hackers and fraudulents. In order to change the password on your router, log in the administrator page and explore for settings option where you should be able to change the password of your router with something quite complicated to piss off hackers and cyber criminals.

Decrease The Wireless Signal Coverage

You might term it a simple yet very effective way to secure your Wi-Fi network everywhere. The philosophy behind this tip is that while you reduce the coverage of your Wi-Fi network chances are high that your network won’t be detected if a cruel hacker or phishing attacker is nearby. Logically, when a security compromiser does not know of a network nearby, he/she won’t do any effort to break in. Ah but beware as there is slight catch in this activity, while reducing the signal strength of your router might give hacker a hard time to detect, at the same time you are also creating a genuine obstacle in enjoying a rich surfing experience as well. Reduced signal coverage or strength will affect internet speed for genuine users in your premises who use your Wi-Fi to connect the web, such as other family members in home or office colleagues. Therefore, moderate approach will be the best way here to proceed.

Check The List Of Connected Devices

This is a feature accompanied with every router out there on average. Admin of the router or the owner could well see on the main page of the router that how many devices are connected with their router and using their Wi-Fi to connect to the web. You should check this page frequently in order to make sure that your Wi-Fi is not leeched by any unknown devices apart from the one’s you know and have allowed to connect. There are also various free applications that can do this job on your behalf if you don’t want to mingle too much with your router’s admin page.

Use Encrypting Technology For Your Wi-Fi Network

It is probably among the most vital tip in the best ways to secure Wi-Fi network at any place. Encrypting technology is used to protect the data you send or receive on the web. If a connection uses encryption technology, the data send or received on it will be scrambled by the encrypting while you are using the connection. What this actually interprets is that if a hacker wants to attack then he or she wouldn’t be able to manipulate the data contained within the encryption. Therefore, encryption is a necessity not only for a Wi-Fi connection but every web-based communication portal for high end security.

Update Your Firmware

Wi-Fi router manufacturers constantly release firmware updates to keep the router system protected and working efficiently. You should frequently check the website of your router vendor in order to keep your firmware upgraded with the latest enhancements.

Utilize Harmful Names To Scare Off Intruders

This is actually a very creative tip and one of my favorite yet effective as well. All you had to do is to create scary names for your Wi-Fi network. Think of something like C:trojen.exe or C:32virus or something other equally scary for the intruders … With this tip most of the intruders to your network will be scared off thinking it is something a virus or malware and would in turn cost them their system or device. Do use your creativity to pick up more dangerously harmful names to scare off your intruders and have your network completely protected from unauthorized usage.

So, above were some of the best ways to secure Wi-Fi network and no matter wherever you are, these tips are guaranteed to work on all grounds. Special consideration is recommended while you are traveling because the only web connectivity in travel is Wi-Fi so do stay with the above basics and enjoy a safe and tremendous Wi-Fi experience.


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