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Best XBMC Addons to Destroy Your Cable Bill

XBMC is an open source platform that helps users to keep themselves entertaining. To update your knowledge, XBMC name is now replaced by Kodi. But, as you are still aware with its former name, so I will continue using the same, for the ease.

Technically, XBMC is a media player that does allow watching free media content online. You just need to use an add-on and if that’s right, you will have access to dozens of TV shows, movies, and other media content and that too for free.

Yes, you can save the hundreds of bucks being spent on the cable or TV set top box, as you will be able to watch the same content without paying for anything. There is a requirement involved and so does the money and that’s of the internet usage. But, in this modern world, we all have internet connections at our home for which we are already paying. So, if we can use the same thing to save TV expenditure, then its helpful, right?

Another best feature of this method is that you can watch the media content not only at your TV set, but also on your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, laptop, desktop computer or any other modern gadget with an application environment and internet access.

To start this way of watching the media content for free, you need two things. The first is that you need to download and install the official application of XBMC, i.e., the Kodi media player. Once you have it installed, then you need some add-ons to choose and install within this media player.

Now, you will gain access to different media content, depending on the add-on you have added. Yes, the internet connection needs to be working all the time, which is the basic requirement over here.

I will share a list of best XBMC add-ons that will help you destroy your cable bill along with the process that will help you through the process of adding an add-on within the XBMC player.

How to add an add-on?

First things first, you need to be aware of the process so I am starting with the same. Once you are aware of this process, then you can simply choose an add-on from the best compilation I got down here and you will be eligible to save money on the monthly cable bill.

Start going through a following set of instructions and it will guide you throughout the process.

  1. Start the XBMC media center.
  2. Move into ‘System’ menu or options or whatever you may call it.
  3. Now, click on ‘File Manager’ option from there and click on ‘Add Source’ button.
  4. Select the ‘None’ option from the next screen and type in the URL of  the add-on.
  5. Click on ‘Done’ button once you have entered a correct URL. You can add a name to this add-on at the next screen. It will be best if you use the official name because it will help you find it easily in future.
  6. Again, go to Settings and within there click on the ‘Addons’ button. Select the option that says ‘Install from zip file’ and choose the file you have downloaded off the add-on.
  7. Select the version of Kodi media player you have been using currently and proceed ahead.
  8. Click on ‘All’ option and select the zip file again. This time you have to select the file of XBMC media player.
  9. Now finally, start the media player again and choose the add-on you have installed just now. Yes, from the System settings!

Done! This is how easy it is to install an add-on within this very special media player.

Best XBMC Addons

Now its time to learn about the best XBMC addons that can use. Don’t forget to share your favorite one in the discussion section below this guide.

#1 USTVnow

CBS, ABC, CW, NBC, Fox, PBS, etc, are the TV networks you can watch online without paying anything. Thanks to this very special USTVnow add-on which is available without any cost. This add-on also offers certain paid channels which totally depends on you whether you subscribe them or not. But, it is still a good thing to have an option.

#2 SuperRepo

You can install it easy from its official website and after that, get ready to watch hundreds of TV shows and movies for free. It offers a lot of sports content if you are interested in this specific niche. Navigating from one channel to other is simple enough for you to first understand everything easily and then get addicted.


#3 Genesis

You need to install Lambda Repository package in the XBMC and then this Genesis add-on starts working within this media player. Once it does, you will have access to almost any popular TV channel. The interface is just like Netflix which further increases the fun and addictiveness. The best part inside is that it lets you stream the content in HD standard. So, if the internet connection at your home is comfortable with that standard of streaming, you will have the best experience.

#4 Trakt.TV

You can either watch the content or keep a record of them to watch later. This is possible in Trakt.TV option we have here. To activate this add-on after installation, you will need an API key that is obtainable easily from its official website.


#5 SportsDevil

Last option here says all for itself. Almost every popular sports channel and live streaming matches are covered inside and that too without paying anything for it. Amazing, right?

So, which one you are finally picking up?

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