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Best YouTube Tips for Android

YouTube is a great global chatting and information sharing social network on Internet today, within no time it has completed its 10th anniversary on Net even. When it stated as a social platform there was no Android service available in the market, now there is countless Apps available to augment your joy while visiting YouTube. In today’s write up we let you introduce to some best YouTube tips for Android that help you to explore new venues of joy while you’re busy in activities over You Tube.

Controlled Data Use

In our today’s write up for best YouTube tips for android, it’s nice to visit different pages on YouTube quickly, but it consumes considerable data over it, and consequently you will have to pay extra amount for the hefty bill. You can control it substantially to slash excessive billing issue.

How do you do it? Open the Settings by clicking over three vertical dots on top right of App display > click Genera— you will come across options that help end the issue of data over consumption, if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection then preferred setting is to opt “High Definition Videos” to save unnecessary data consumption. Similarly for any uploads! Disable the feature to save the cost unless until it’s obvious.

Save Video on “Watch Later”

Another way to use our best YouTube tips for Android is to stop holding lots of videos while watching any one of them, it’s better to save videos for future time or date, to open many windows at a time is useless, it only help incurred extra billing instead. For do this a plus icon is visible over video playback pane, it’s meant for to add any specific video to a selected/created play list.

Though they offer a default play list called “Watch Later”, the place you can use to save videos for future viewing, u can trace the link effortlessly in main menu of You Tube. It can work with other platforms and devices as well— on your computers YouTube page, here you’re at liberty to add videos for later viewing, to do click the tiny clock icon on Playback Control Bar.

Downloading Videos and Slash Ads

This is a cost incurring App! Still, it’s a worth mentioning one. This subscription based App is called “YouTube Music Key”, using this you’re able to watch music videos devoid of any ads, it also help to download your selected music videos for later use, along with it facilitate background sound while you’re surfing somewhere else as well. For identical subscription charges you can acquire another App called “Google Play Music All Access” as well.

Altering the Content

Following entering YouTube App by clicking three vertical dots > click on “Content Location”, it helps you to select what country you would like to select as a base country to watch the video, as by default its set at your home country of operation.

360 Degree Video Display

In the series of best YouTube tips for Android, this tip help you to enjoy the recent Google’s 360-degree video’s to the YouTube portfolio, clips that let the viewer peer all the way around them while watching. Though, you require a virtual reality headset to view these 360® degree videos.

It’s a nod to the growing proliferation of virtual reality headsets on the market and Google wants YouTube to be ready when the time comes. For now you can choose 360° Video from the YouTube app menu, then rotate your mobile device around as the clip plays to see the different angles.

Turn on the captions

Video captions can be crucial for the hard of hearing and the deaf but there are reasons when the rest of us might need them too: If you’re in a quiet location and don’t have any headphones, for example, or you’re in an area where the background noise is too loud to hear the clip properly.

To turn on captions in the YouTube Android app, open a video then tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner to access the setting. If you head into the main Settings app (again via the three-dot icon in the top right on any other page) you can tap Captions to change their appearance. So, these were some of the best YouTube tips for Android and we hope that it will accelerate your YouTube experience on Android to the maximum level.

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