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Blocking Unwanted Mails In Gmail

We often ignore loads of e-mail junk in our mail box since it distresses us a lot because removing spam usually takes a lot of time manually. Also, a manual cleanup is a one persistently boring task to do every once in a day or two. The email’s list contain lots of unwanted mails that you can simply discard at your liberty by using Google Chrome’s App “Block Sender”. Once you have blocked an address it sends back the sender a fake “message failure message”, consequently sender forced to stop the practice of sending unwanted messages. But in this article we will dig down a deeper into “blocking unwanted mails in Gmail” for all Gmail users’ convenience.

Following the installation of this feature a new fresh tab will lead you to Gmail, if you at present are logged in than it will show up in your inbox where you can click the “Block” key to block a sender. The undo step will appears just for 3 seconds only. By doing this simple process, blocking unwanted mails in Gmail would be a matter at your fingertips. When you are about to block you will see a pop up window that will show you the fake senders email address too, and also it ask “if you want to send a fake message to sender” even. A great news is that sender will not be aware of this whole affair.

You may also select more alternatives to remove unwanted mails to your inbox by opening additional options when you click the arrow next to the “Block” button. In addition you may block sender’s access from all other domains as well and shield all alike subjects, keywords, and phrases based on e-mails to your inbox. This proves very valuable in blocking unwanted mails in Gmail that will make your email a lot easier to handle against spammers.


Block Sender For Gmail

You may access to the option page from the very same drop-down menu as well. Using the options you can pick out your blocking alternatives as you like it. You may select a default action whenever like to block an unwanted message, this way the undesired message will go to trash box or deleted once automatically once it reaches your mail.

Here you can switch the default timeout for the undo key as well. This is a good way in case you ever struck blocking on a wrong address that you didn’t mean to. However, the only flaw is that an unsubscribed Gmail account only facilitate to block just 4 senders, to block more than 4 you have to pay for it to access the premium account, the fee for this subscription is $29/year. So, if you want full and authoritative control over blocking all the unwanted junk, you can pay $29 a year and choose from a variety of options for blocking unwanted mails in Gmail.

It’s up to you to see which method works for you the best, if you feel the blocking is something necessary for you than you will go to subscribe or otherwise live happily without bothering about the premium stack. . You can also obtain desired results by generating a filter in Gmail account, but its bit tricky and bothering task and a bit less effective too.

No doubt the cost free features have limited scope, so if it’s really important for you to block unwanted messages, you should opt for the paid plan, that is effective enough to pull back you from any troublesome times. Think for value of your privacy if it needs care, go for the paid option at once for all.

I hope my attempt to guide you on blocking unwanted mails in Gmail would prove to be beneficial, and I can only know that when you will let me know your thoughts in the comments about this. So, let me know if that has helped to keep your Gmail clean ad free of spam?

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