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How To Browse Privately In Microsoft Edge & IE 11

Many folks today prefers to have their browsing activity completely hidden from prying eyes and the modern browsers of this age certainly understands this principle clearly. Apart from the users of the most common browsers, let’s focus on those who use IE (Internet Explorer) 11 and the very latest Microsoft Edge, comes integrated with the novel Windows 10. So today I am going to teach you how to browse privately in Microsoft Edge & IE 11. This articles will tell you the easiest and feasible means to do this trick where all of your browsing activities will be kept hidden from the trackers and personal piracy from colleagues, family, friends, etc. Let’s learn to put this trick into action with this article.

How To Browse Privately In Microsoft Edge & IE 11

First of all, we will tackle the very latest Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 since I presume there must have been many users of it because this latest version of Windows has currently been adopted by more than 700 million around the world.

Browsing Privately In Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)

The method for browsing privately in Microsoft Edge is very easy. Let’s take a look!

  • Open Microsoft Edge Browser.
  • On the top right side of the browser’s address bar, click on the 3 dots option (. . .) appearing there.
  • A drop-down menu will open where you just need to click on “New InPrivate window”.
  • The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+P.
  • Done! You are now browsing privately in Microsoft Edge browser.

Browse Privately In IE (Internet Explorer) 11 (Windows 7 SP-1, 8, 8.1)

So, in this article’ tips on how to browse privately in Microsoft Edge & IE 11, another Microsoft browser is up for the job again since turning on the private mode in this one (the Internet Explorer 11) is also much easier and similar to the procedure of that of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. However, I want all of my readers to first know that IE 11 can only run on Windows 7 SP-1, 8, and 8.1, but not on Windows 10.

For those who are thinking what SP-1 means after Windows 7 then also let me tell you that SP-1 stands for “Service Pack 1,” which is a collection of several enhancement & upgrades combined in one big update for Windows 7 platform (in which age are you living if you really don’t know what is SP-1?)  Joking! Well, let us not waste time and go towards the steps to turn private browsing in EI 11.

  • Open IE 11 on your PC.
  • Simply go the top right side of browser’s address bar where you will notice a gear icon, unlike the 3 dots in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, but with same nature of work.
  • In the drop-down menu, move your cursor on “Safety” option and again a new menu will be open on the left side.
  • Select the familiar “InPrivate Browsing” from this menu.
  • A new browser window will open in which “InPrivate” will be showed in writing just on the beginning of the address bar from the left side with a bit of detail about this feature on the browser’s main screen.

You’re done! Private mode is now activated and your browsing session won’t be recorded or tracked.
The keyboard shortcut to directly activate the feature is also the same: Ctrl+Shift+P and hit enter after that. So, this is all there is on how to browse privately in Microsoft Edge & IE 11. Make sure to let us know your feedback in the comments about this article.

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