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Bypassing Android Screen Lock

Well, it’s not always the scenario that Android’s screen lock can give tension to the one who has stolen your phone or the prying person, it can present a problem if you forget your unlocking pattern or PIN code. How will you get in again then? To tackle this issue, Google has wisely introduced a very simple method for bypassing Android screen lock so if a user forgets his/her PIN code or unlocking pattern, they don’t have to break up the phone to get in again. Let me familiarize you to some of the ways by which bypassing Android screen lock would become easier for you. However, the bypassing of the screen lock on Android 5.5 Lollipop and previous versions is different. I will relate to you the both separately.

Bypassing Android Screen Lock

Bypassing Android screen lock is easier on older versions of Android and a but it’s a bit harder on new releases of Andriod, but it’s definitely achievable on later versions like Android 5.5 Lollipop. So, I would like to first tell the users about Android 4.4 (and previous versions) procedure for bypassing Android screen lock.

How to Bypass Android Screen Lock on Android 4.4 or Previous

If you are using Android KitKat 4.4 or previous version then you can easily retrieve your passcode for screen lock. How will it be retrieved? Here’s how. When you attempted a wrong unlocking pattern or PIN code five times consecutively then you will see a message on your screen saying “Too many attempts.” Now, the OS will ask you for your email address and you only need to put it and your password will be sent to your email which you can easily use for bypassing Android screen lock on your device. Done! Your handset will be unlocked. Now, I will relate to you the trickier way on Android 5.5 Lollipop.

How to Bypass Android Screen Lock on Android 5.5 Lollipop

Using “Smart Lock” Feature

Android 5.5 or later version comes with an option of “Smart Lock”. Smart Lock functionality is used as a trusted alternative to unlock your handset, say, in a specific location, a recognized device, or your smartwatch. If you have setup ‘Smart Lock’ feature then you won’t be needing a PIN code to unlock your phone. If you don’t know how to set up a ‘Smart Lock’, then follow this guide!

Using Built-in Manufacturer Security Apps


“Find My Mobile” Samsung’s Built-in Mobile Security App

Another genuine way for bypassing Android screen lock in smartphones is to use the phone-makers own security software that comes pre-installed in your smartphones. Applications like “Find My Mobile”, created by Samsung for its smartphone, comes very handy when you need to unlock your screen if you forgotten your unlocking pattern or PIN code. However, you do need to set the application up for usage in a crises time before it happens. However, if you have not setup the application and your phone has been firm-locked, visit the manufacturer’s site from another device or PC and follow the guidelines to unlock your model in case your screen gets locked.

Factory Reset

If all of the above-mentioned ways for bypassing Android screen lock fails to work, then the ultimate solution for unlocking your Android phone is to do a factory reset. However, the downfall in this way is that all of your personal data & apps will be completely erased from your smartphone and you after the reset you will need to begin again from the scratch. One slight help might be the most recent backup you have created of your Android device either online or on an external device. This will, at least, save you from doing up everything again from the start.

So, in order to avail this facility as well, you must have to set up Android Device Manager online on your Google profile before the un-fateful event happened. If you did, then you only need to log on to your Android Device Manager dashboard online and do a complete factory reset of your phone. If you haven’t set up Android Device Manager and your phone is firm-locked, then you need to do a manual resetting yourself through the hardware.

The method includes holding down power and volume when your phone is off to start reset hardware settings, though, it might depend upon manufacturer settings as well if this should not be the way to get into your phone’s hardware. Check your manufacturer’s official site for a further guide on hardware reset. However, here’s the general guide on this step.

So, I presume that by following the above guidelines, bypassing Android screen lock will not be a huge issue to you. Well, I do admit that the world is huge and similarly, the brains/ideas are far huge as well so keep a good check on what’s coming along in the tech industry because you may never know if a trend that you have seen just a day ago will so remain today. Please share with us your thoughts if this article has helped you in unlocking your device or if you have some other ways to unlock as well, we are passionate to hear.

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