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How To Change YouTube Channel Custom URL Modified

Why Do You Need A Custom URL?

You want your URL to match your brand. When you start out on YouTube you will have picked an URL for your channel. Sometimes the original URL that you chose doesn’t match what you are currently doing. Changing your URL can make your channel more appealing and can increase your subscriber base. As a YouTuber you want to do whatever you can to increase subscribers. More subscribers mean you get more exposure and the opportunity to make more money.

How To Get Your Custom URL

YouTube has a few criteria that you must meet to qualify for a new custom URL. As long as you meet all of the criteria, you can have a new custom URL for your Channel.

  • Your account must be in good standing. There are three major things that you can get in trouble for that will make your account no longer be in good standing. Make sure not to do these things because a lot of the other services offered by YouTube also require your account to be in good standing. Below are the things that you need to look out for and be aware of.

    1. Community Guideline Strike- If users think that something you have uploaded is offensive or inappropriate, they can flag your video and YouTube will review it. If it has abuse, sex, and racism, is overly offensive or can be considered to be spam, you can get a community guideline strike.

    2. Copyright Strike or a DMCA Takedown Notice-  If another user thinks that you are using their work, they can file a copyright claim against you. You do not want to be charged with copyright Infringement.

    3. Content ID Match-  Users can choose to match up their uploads to everything published to YouTube. This is an automated service. While a match may not always result in a copyright strike it can be block or tracked. It is best to not copy anyone else or their content. Being original is what will get you views and subscribers.

  • You need to have 100 subscribers.

    • This is great because when they first started offering the custom URLs, the minimum requirement was 500. Since they have decreased that it is much easier for you to get your custom URL.

  • There has to be a photo uploaded for your channel icon.

    • This important anyway because you want give your channel some personality. Your channel icon is one of the first things a person will see when looking at your channel. You want it to make a good impression.

  • You must have channel art uploaded.

    • This is another thing that is just a good idea in general. It gives your channel personality and appeal. You want to have channel are to show what your channel is about and express the kind things you represent. It will help attract the king of subscribers that you want.

What Happens When You Meet The Requirements?

When you meet all of the above requirements, YouTube will send you an email from the YouTube creator studio to set up your custom URL. If you don’t receive an email you may still meet the requirements. You can go to your YouTube account and got to the creator studio to check. If you do this, make sure to follow the same steps listed as if you had gotten an email. It is the same process regardless of how you do it.

What To Do After You Receive Your Email

When you receive your email you need to click the link and follow the steps. They are very clear and easy to follow, so you should not have a problem. Below is a list of the steps in case you do need a little help.

The Steps To Creating Your New Custom URL

  • Sign into your YouTube account and go to the creator studio.

  • Click on the link that says ‘Get new custom URL’.

  • YouTube will then generate some suggestion for your new URL based on things such as: your channel description, your Google Identity and the websites that are associated with your account.

  • Choose the URL that suits your channel and then you need to agree to the terms of service.

  • You need to then click on the button in the lower let hand corner that says ‘change URL’.

  • When you as sure that the new URL is what you want, click the ‘confirm’ button to make it permanent.

Remember that once you have chosen a new URL that it cannot be changed again. So make sure that it is something that you are happy with before finalizing it. Ask yourself a few questions to see if you have picked the right URL.

Does it make sense?

Does it generate interest?

Does it represent you?

Does it represent your brand?

If you answer all of these questions positively then you probably have a good URL.

You can however change the accents, diacritics or capitalization of your new URL at any time and as many times as you want.

  • Sign into your Google + account

  • Click on your profile icon to go to your profile.

  • Click the ‘about’ button.

  • Under ‘links’ click on the ‘edit’ option.

  • Edit your URLs accents, diacritics or capitalization and then click ‘save’

After Your URL Is Changed

The new URL will link with your YouTube channel as well as your Google + identity.

What About My Old URL?

You may be worried that your subscribers will get lost because you have a new URL, but don’t fret. When your subscribers try to get to your channel using the old URL they will be automatically redirected. This will ensure that your subscribers will still be able to get to your channel.

Having a new URL that represents your particular brand will not only make you feel better but can generate more interest in your channel. You want to up your subscribers and make more money and changing your URL can be just what you need to give your channel that extra boost.

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