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Changing Default Android Applications

Since we are regularly updating you on the tips & tricks for how to use, set, or manage your Smartphone for obtaining best desired results, one thing we should always keep in mind that Android phones have a varied range of option to explore. For example, ask yourself how you can do the trick without any botheration of changing the default settings of your Android apps? Just for this purpose, I have written this article which will describe you the magic to fill your smartphone with the desired app settings whatever the way you like it to. This is done via changing default Android applications in your Android phone so it may better work according to your wishes.

However, it’s usually challenging to change some undesired default app settings on your Android handset and despite efforts most users unable to do that. Also after opening any file for whatever purpose you will come across to few options where you can select any one of them to do the desired job. Let’s say, you may select to associate certain sort of files (such as web links or PDF file) to the desired apps, similarly as one can do the job at MAC or Windows PC. This change will exist until you opt to change it again. So, changing default Android applications operation will ensure to operate your Smartphone at your will.

Also if you want to replace your installed app with another one or tempting for any new app just to augment the performance of your media, photos and so on, the following guideline will enable you to do that at your will without any botheration.

Steps For Changing Default Android Applications Settings

The first way to proceed in changing default Android applications in your Android handset is resetting your phone’s default settings, and for that see all the files and apps and think if any of them you like to change? Suppose you receive an attachment and would like to select a default app to always open that same kind of file (like certain MP3 players for music files), you should head to “Settings” in your phone and over there choose the desired app.

Likewise, removing an app that troubles you from its default action should be easier to done. Just go to app’s details > trace “Clear Default” then Click on it. This operation will clear all the default settings of the app with your single stroke of the finger. Please Note that do this operation after thoughtful consideration as once the settings deleted will be impossible to revoke again.

After you have done the steps above, whenever you will open a certain file (for which you have revoked default app selection) you will notice that it will display “select the new app” pop up. This will continue to display the same message up until you will install another app in place. Select the “Always” option from the pop up widow when you have installed your favorite app to open a file and then it will always be default to open that file up until you change it again off course.

So, this was the most flexible and easiest way I can bring to your service for changing default Android application settings in your Android handset. I hope that it serves the purpose greatly and would enhance your usability of your Android smartphone.

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