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Changing Facebook Name after 60 Days Limit Ends

changing-Facebook-name-after-60-days-limitFacebook, a gigantic name among social media that is gladly surfed by more than billions of active users monthly from around the world. Current statistics of social media relates to us that almost 1, 456 million active users have used Facebook in the month of August 2015. Despite being a leader in world of social media, the setback of having limitations on altering name of the account is somewhat irrelevant to its stature. You can’t be able to change your FB account name after a limited quota of alteration, and it is disagreeably forever blocked after passing the 60 days limit. So today, changing Facebook name after 60 days limit ends is what we will be going to talk about in this article. Let us know then how to resolve this issue.

Process Of Changing Facebook Name After 60 days Limit Ends

  • To begin, go to ‘Account Settings’ and click on ‘Edit Name’ and look out for the limit if it has been set or not.
  • In case the limit is present you will see that your name cannot be editable with a note presented by Facebook below about the limitation.
  • Now, if you are willing to change your Facebook name you should go to this web address: https://www.facebook.com/hacked.
  • In the process of changing Facebook name after 60 days limit, and after going onto the above link; you will be notified by Facebook officially for assistance in case you assume your account has been hacked or compromised by some third party action, you should click there on ‘Continue’.
  • You are now actually on your way to recover your account from hacking (a presumption indeed for changing Facebook name after 60 days limit ends). Over this step, only change your password and leave other details unchanged like emails, cell number, or etc.
  • Now, you will get a confirmation from Facebook of your recent alterations.
  • Now, over here you will be proffered to check and use all the previous names ever used for your account.
  • Select the ones you like to use from now on.

And that’s over! You can change or get whatever name you would like to have by using this procedure endless times but the only drawback is that in case you would like to have a new name, you need to actually use Facebook’s official name changing request form to do that and that is the only part which left’s you waiting for a 60 days’ time period.

So, I hope that today’s trick for changing Facebook name after 60 days limit surely resolute all your naming related complains. Do let us know if the article has helped you in the comments below.

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