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Charging Android Battery Faster

It often happen with us that upon any immediate need or emergency, the percent count of our battery power on Android is much lesser then we expected it to be. This sometimes makes us feel relaxed (when your Android is in someone’s hand you don’t want it to be) and more often make us fret out plain! But whose mistake is this anyway? Our Android’s? Probably not since we are the one to blame ourselves for this irresponsibility. But let us not delve into the philosophy of what is wrong and right, instead, let me tell you today about some of the interesting ways of charging Android battery faster so that in case you are running out of time, you can simply recharge your Android’s battery a bit more speedier then you usually do.


Charging Android battery faster

Get the compatible charger and plug

This is indeed one of the key things in charging Android battery faster. One can easily be defied by the logic that all Android chargers are universally connected, but this really not the true when it comes to charging power. If you connect your phone to a common USB 2.0 on a laptop or a PC: USB 2.0 is not capable enough to give more than 2.5 watts of power at time. A USB 3 connectivity can deliver a maximum of 4.5 watts but the real game changer here is actually the common wall plug that can be able to charge an Android battery much faster than both of the options above.

Plus, there are some smartphone models that support to charging Android battery faster. With this option in your phone (if you have it) you can actually give a boosting 15 watts of power-currant to enable charging Android battery faster in your smartphone. While manufacturer’s such as Qualcomm actually make hardware that supports faster Android battery charging but keep in mind that it is not definite that the charger that comes with your phone also be able to do that. You might additionally need to buy a fast-charging supportive charger for your Android

While it is not obligatory upon you to use only your manufacturer’s Android charger, you can use some other charger from a separate manufacturer too. But the thing here to keep in mind is that you should totally avoid buying cheap alternatives as a smartphone accessory, specially a battery charger, which might or could end up destroying your battery altogether rather than charging it up. Additionally, if you will to charging Android battery faster, you should also avoid using a wireless charger since they are unable to give required enough power as compared to their cabled counterparts.

De-activate redundant features

There are a couple of things running inside your Android by your will or by default that can easily gulp down your battery power very fast. In case you are running out of time and would like charging Android battery faster, disable all the un-required functions running in your Android for a while.

These functionalities can be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc. You have to actually decide what’s important and what function is not so turn it off. You can additionally turn off the automatic backups of your apps and settings on The Google Play via sync as it too drains your battery fast.

Turn off your phone altogether

Nothing is more effective in charging Android battery faster than to turning off the phone altogether. While the phone is on, it will definitely use some of the functionalities set by default and in result the battery won’t get as much power filled up as it requires. The best thing to do in this case is to actually turn off your phone a while and keep it on charging if you want your battery to be charged at a great pace.

Do not keep tickling your phone

One thing is very essential in charging Android battery faster and that is to avoid touching your smartphone after every few seconds or minutes. The screen of your smartphone is indeed the biggest culprit behind the drainage of battery power.

It sucks about 70% of your battery power apart from all other things combined. So, brightening up your LCD would get you in trouble with your battery power. Avoid this urge to keep checking your Android after few minutes or seconds continuously and keep it connected to a charger so that you may get your battery always significantly charged.

Well, these were some of the picks I have collected in order to enlighten you about charging Android battery faster on your smartphone. I hope these tips will help you significantly and if you have any feedback about these tips, do let me know in the comments section below.

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