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Checking Windows 10 Activation

Windows 10 has now been out for more than a week and it will be about time since you have got your reserved copy installed as well. If it has been so, then you should be looking forward to get the maximum out of your new version of Windows and for that you actually need to see if your Windows 10 is activated by default or not, which was pre-destined to be activated if upgraded through genuine Windows 7 or 8.1 platform through free upgrade. Since Windows is devoid of displaying any activation message, you can manually check Windows 10 activation to confirm whether your version is activated by default or not. So, here are some of the steps below you will find helpful in checking Windows 10 activation.


Windows 10 Activation

Checking Your Windows 10 Activation via System Window

This is by far the most flexible and easy way by which you can check your Windows 10 activation. You can notice whether your Windows is activated via system window applet in this scenario. To do it, just press your keyboard shortcut “win + x” and in the menu choose the “System” option. Additionally, you can initiate a search for system option by typing it in the Start menu search bar as well.

A new window will open which will show basic info about your machine and your OS (just like in previous Windows versions). Over there you can see in the left down-side corner a section named as “Windows activation”. You will see the current status of your copy of Windows there right under this section. There is an additional option to change your product key over there in case you are upgrading from the current edition to a new one.

Checking Windows 10 Activation from the Command Prompt

Dos-based command prompt in Windows has been, and is still one of the most integral tool that a user can use in a Windows. Therefore, checking your Windows 10 activation from the command prompt is another solution you have at hand. To execute the command prompt, press “win + R” and then type cmd and press enter so the command prompt will now open. You can also use the power user menu in order to open the command prompt in Windows 10 by pressing “win + x”. After the command prompt is opened, type this in the command prompt: slmgr /xpr and press enter. Immediately after this operation a new small window will open highlighting the status of your Windows 10 activation.

Check Windows 10 activation from the new set of options

Apart from all traditional methods with whom we are well acquainted, there is a new set of options in Windows 10 from which you can easily check for your Windows 10 activation. This option additionally helps those users a lot who are using the Windows 10 in tablets. To begin, click on the Notifications icon on the bottom right side of your taskbar and choose “All Settings” option from there.

The settings panel will now be opened and from here you need to select the “Update and Security” section. In the “Update and Security” window locate the Activation tab and you can easily see your Windows 10 activation info in the right pane. In case you have Windows 10 activated already, you will see “Windows is activated” message right next to the “Activation” option.

So, these were some of the easiest and simple ways by which you can actually see or check your Windows 10 activation status. In case your Windows 10 is not activated, you can either reach to Microsoft about the issue or alternatively purchase a new product key that can activate your Windows 10 effectively. I hope this article will help you out in the purpose. Do let us know if you have any comments about these info’s?


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