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Removing Old Photos On Your Android Phone

Most of us take snaps from our Android devices in a huge quantity that at times we often get irritated to find specific pictures amongst the heaps of others we have taken. Since the camera has been integrated in a mobile phone: it has become a huge hit ever since. In other words, if I say that cameras has been one of the major factors due to which mobile phone sales has grown worldwide, then it would not be an overstatement at all. However, since having a camera so easily at hand, the amount of pictures that we store in our phones has considerably increased, and there chances of several duplications as well. But today I’ll tell you an easy way of removing old photos on your Android device will become much easier.

Backup Your Photos

In order to begin with deletion process, it is first recommended to initiate a backup of your photos on your Android smartphone. This is done actually in order to save those photos that are still precious in your stock. There are lots of options where you can actually store the stock of your photos conveniently such as Carousel, OneDrive, or Google Photos.

All of these mentioned applications have the ability to automatically create a backup of your photos when you use them the first time, just so you forget. Some of these services are premium such as Carousel from Dropbox because if you are already using paid subscription on Dropbox then it does make sense to use Carousel to backup your photos. Anyways, after attempting and completing the backup procedure it is now time for you to move towards deletion process.

Steps For Removing Old Photos On Your Android Smartphone

Once you have surely and conveniently backed up all of your photos then you can easily proceed to remove them. However, every app has its own way of removing the pictures. For example Carousal automatically initiates removal procedure once the pictures are uploaded on its servers. You can go to settings on the apps main and tap on “Free up phone space” which will make the app scan for available junkies and then it will let you know how much you can be able to free up space. Just clean it and the next time Carousal will automatically do the process.

If you are using Google Photos you have to delete older photos as a way to removing your old photos on your Android device. However, it is not complicated as you deem it to be, inside the app menu select “Device Folder”, select the pictures and then select “Delete Device Copy”. That’s all you have to do. Additionally there are other apps you can use for removing your old photos on your Android smartphone such as Flickr or FolderSync. These applications can also delete old useless photos from your Android after backing up the data on their service. So choose what suits best for you and be easy while removing your old photos on your Android device without the fear of losing important ones.

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