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Deleting Whatsapp Backup Messages

Whatsapp, one of the most well-known smartphone messaging app, is known to save a huge amount of backup of the messages communicated on it. This activity continues on a scale of a whole week which then enable you to restore any message that has been accidentally deleted during this while. Although it is a very useful feature but it devours a huge amount of your phone’s memory because of continuous saving of the messages sent or received.

You can easily delete a message in Whatsapp, but what you cannot do is to delete that automatic message backups. Deleting Whatsapp backup messages requires the help of an android app called WCleaner. Let us see the instructions of deleting Whatsapp backup messages on android phone.

Steps for deleting Whatsapp backup messages

  1. Find WCleaner on Google Play Store and download/install it on your android phone.
  2. Launch WCleaner and do an automatic scan of your phone. WCleaner will detect your Whatsapp backup files in the scan. There will be four categories in which junk files of your phone will be classified: videos, images, backup, and audio.
  3. Click on backup category to actually view the exact number of backup files and the amount they occupy in your phone. You can either choose single file or all of them to remove.
  4. Tap on the trash icon to delete all or individually selected files.

Some warnings and tricks about the deleting procedure

  • In case you are planning to delete every saved item of your Whatsapp – like audio, images, video, and even deleting Whatsapp backup messages – you need to select the “Delete All” option on WCleaner to erase every record pertaining to your Whatsapp.
  • In WCleaner, you have the liberty to choose each file individually which you desire to delete. Therefore, select the files you want to delete and tap on them to take a preview of their content prior to deleting so you may know which to keep and which one is to delete.
  • Whatsapp saves all your content exactly at 4 AM every day your local time. If you want to make sure of the day’s content being saved, you can check it manually by choosing “Chat History” on Whatsapp options. Right next to it is the option to “Backup Recent Chat.” You can tap on it and preserve your day’s content.
  • Whatsapp uses both phones internal and external (SD Card) memory to save its backups/content when space is available on your memory card.
  • The backup in Whatsapp stores your phone number sensitive which means that you need to use the same SIM card or phone number to access the backup.

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