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Difference Between PC and Mac

PC and Mac has been around for a while and both are quite a tough continues competitors to each other. Despite the fact that both are one of the greatest innovations of modern technology, there exist some neat difference between PC and Mac. So, today I am writing for those people who couldn’t easily set their mind on which one to actually buy for their use. By reading this article, I am pretty much hopeful that you will at least understand the basic difference these two machines have along with their procedures and other related stuffs. So let’s begin to look at some concrete difference between PC and Mac.


Difference between PC and Mac

Operating Systems

This should have to be the first most common inquiry many unknowing users would like to make about the difference between PC and Mac. So I won’t take much time of yours to describe this and will come straight to the point: PC’s run on the famous operating system by Microsoft known as Windows. They have been using Windows since the actual arrival of the ancestor of modern Windows operating system Windows 95.

If you buy a PC today, you will probably have option to buy one that comes pre-installed with the latest Windows 10 which was just released on the 29th of the past month. Or you can even buy one with Windows 8 installed on it, though going for an outdated one would keep you from enjoying many latest technologies at hand. On the other hand, Mac uses OS X, which now can be upgraded to OS X – Yosemite – if you buy a new Macintosh system. Mac is developed by the celebrated American tech company Apple, which is also the creator of the famous smartphone series iPhone.

Basically, you have to sincerely decide what is your purpose in buying either a Mac or PC? PC’s can be utilized mostly for entertainment purposes and several creative works and enjoys a wide range of support by third party software makers too. While Mac is a bit limited in its support and usually sports applications that are from Apple or have been approved by them from third parties. Mac is also the most vibrant enterprise computer which makes it a very credible system for those who likes to design and develop numerous things, apart from entertainment purposes. So on this thing PC takes a bit of edge upon a Mac.


This is one of the most noticeable difference between PC and Mac and a one on which Mac stands upright with proud. Mac actually sports a very unique and a masterful design for its system which stands both the test of time and creative-beauty. While on the other hand, PC is mainly dependent on the third party manufacturers so they can give any outlook to the machine they like.

The reason for this big difference between PC and Mac is that Mac is continuously created by its one and sole founder, which is Apple, while PC’s have been building by several companies apart from a one single manufacturer. Though, Apple does give you a better looking and less cabled machines with their Mac, but you certainly cannot enjoy more designs in it than the one which is default. With PC, if you are not satisfied with one look, you can then switch through several designs available in the market. Additionally, PC’s can be designed based on your personal preferences as well.

UI or User-Interface

This difference between PC and Mac is a thing that no one can actually refer or dictate except the user him/herself. Some users prefer a Macintosh OS over Windows while some prefers Windows over Mac OS. But here I will try to give you a brief description of the UI of both OS. First we will begin with Mac OS which sports a Launchpad that contains icons of several apps for easy access to them. You can do various types of customizations on the hot corners and could fix your favorite apps there with an additional full screen or windowed mode as per your liking.

PC’s on the other hand supports a good variety of User-Interface such as touch-friendly that encompasses live tiles or boxes  of apps that you can drag to pitch them in a selected place as well as tap them to open. Also, on Windows you have the normal desktop viewing too which is highly customizable according to your wishes. The greatest advantage Windows has upon Mac is its great user-friendliness and common awareness which has been around for a while and users usually knows their way around Windows.

System Specifications

While PC and Mac entertains parallel specs inside but the real difference between PC and Mac comes when gauged for performance. In this sector, PC usually led down against a Mac because of Mac’s top class hardware optimization that keeps the core apparatuses like processor runs for longer-term, but then Mac falls back when it comes HDD, RAM, and Universal Serial Bus ports. Unlike Mac, PC provides its customers with a wide variety of enhancements to be made easily.

Among the optimal drives and connections sector, Mac and PC also offers different solutions for customer and both have cons and pros. PC offers you USB, SuperDrive, Combos, Ethernet, etc. You can additionally add  Blu-Ray, HDMI ports, TV Tuner cards, and touch screens to your PC while Mac only offers USB, SuperDrive, Audio in-out, Thunderbolt, FireWire, and a built-in LAN/Ethernet. The downfall is that you cannot add the additional things as describe for PC in Mac because its customization is limited.

So, these were some of the basic difference between PC and Mac that I stated here. In case you are now deciding to buy a system for yourself, you need to decide which one suits your need the best. I am not limiting you to figure this out by only reading my post but search through the internet and acquire as much knowledge as you like to get and then make a good and beneficial purchase which you would not regret later on.

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