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Playing Different Sounds On Notifications/Calls In Android

Same sounds or tones continuously ringing on any alert at your phone might become boring after a few while. So, how would you like if your phone rings something new every time you receive an alert? Well, this thing can be done by following some steps that I will relate in this narrative for you. No matter whatever your Android phone is, as long as you have one it is easy playing different sounds on notifications/calls in Android. By doing these steps, it would be possible for you to play random tunes on every alert comes onto your Android phone. There is third party app involved in this process that makes it possible in your smartphone. So let’s check out what measures we have on our discretion to avail this feature.

Steps For Playing Different Sounds On Notifications/Calls In Android

OK! So we need an app known as RandTune for playing different sounds on notifications/calls in Android in our smartphone. Let’s see what steps there are with which we can do this.

  • Open Google Play Store and download/install RandTune in your phone.
  • Open the app after installation.
  • In the app’s interface, you will see two separate section; one refers to “Calls” sound and the other to “Notifications” sound.
  • Begin by adding first the tunes for calls section. Click the plus icon at the bottom to start adding tunes.
  • Screen options will change the app will ask you to browse directory where your music is saved.
    After the directory is found tap on “Select Directory”.
  • Now all the music files will be shown in the app’s interface in front of you. Checkmark those music files you want to be played whenever you receive calls randomly.
  • Your calls section is now setup. Now, you have to follow the same steps to add in random music tunes for notifications section as well by browsing directory, selecting it, and check marking the tunes you want to play.

So, this is how you can achieve playing different sounds on notifications/calls in Android. Hopefully, this short & simple tip would enhance your experience using your Android smartphone.

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