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Disabling Flash Player In Any Browser

Today I will teach you about controlling the most vulnerable tool in your browser that can serve as a gateway for hacking by any unwanted hacker in your Android or PC while surfing the web: The Adobe Flash Player. Unfortunately, there are many sites that use flash player for several multi-media necessities, but that can be replaced with HTML5 for better results instead. Now flash player is no more essential for use in browsers to manage “Media” things, you can run your device without it as effectively as you used to before. In the lines below I’ll let you know some ways for disabling flash player in any browser on any device you might be using.


Disabling Flash Player In Any Browser

Disabling Flash Player in Firefox

It’s quit effortless disabling flash player from your Firefox browser. You just need to tap the Firefox menu icon > Tap the Add-ons > Firefox Add on page > select the Adobe Flash Player Plugin on the left sidebar—following opening the page, select “Shockwave Flash” plugin by scrolling the menu there > select the “Never Active” option and click it to disable Flash Player from your Firefox browser successfully. Now Re-Start your browser in PC or Android for the changes to take effect.

Chrome Operation for Disabling Flash Player

Disabling flash player in any browser is quite easy, and it is extremely easier in Google chrome then you can simply imagine. You can disable the flash player on your PC since it runs on Google Chrome’s default variety of Flash Player. In latest Smartphone sets they exclude flash player by default, though on request this facility can be availed. For disabling Flash Player from Chrome, you need to visit a URL > type “chrome: //plugins” in Address bar— it will open the Plugin Page > Scroll the options and select Adobe Flash Player plugin > Click “Disable” to stop working Flash player in Chrome browser than restart your device for stamping the disabling procedure.

Removing Flash Player from Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorers users, click the tiny gear in the upper right corner of display to open the settings menu > select the “Manage Add-ons” it will open its window > select on the left side of screen “Toolbars and Extensions” click it to trace “Shockwave Flash Object”, Right click on it and finally click the disable option. This way you can disable flash player using my tips for disabling flash player in any browser, than re-start your device to complete the action.

Disabling Flash player from Opera Browser

If you’re using Opera browser and want to cut off flash player from there, tap the Opera icon on left top side of your display > Settings > Opera Setting Page > select “Websites” on the left sidebar > tap “Individual Plug-Ins” link in Plug-in segment— Plug-in page will be displayed, here scroll find and tap “Adobe Flash Player” plug-in and tap the “Disable option to successfully disable the flash player from your browser. Re-start your Android or browser in PC for changes to take effect.

Remove Flash Player from Safari Browser

In Apple’s Safari, go to the settings on the top right corner > select “Preference” option, a window of the option will be opened > scroll to find “Security” tab > un-check the “Enable Plug-ins” checkbox and shut the window. Beware, this way all installed plugins will be disabled along with disabling flash player plug-in because you cannot disable only one plugin in Safari, a great downfall I say. .

So, using these tips for disabling flash player in any browser you can successfully disable flash player from your any top listed browser to dodge the risk of a hacker attack that can potentially harm your Android or a PC.

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