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Disabling Windows Lock Screen With Easy Steps


It often happens that we have to get up several times while we are working on our PC’s and the intermission is not long enough for which we deem it fit to shut down our computer for that while. As a result we end up using Windows in-built sleep or hibernation mode (Windows XP) to save power resource while the system would be left idle for some time. However, when we return to our PC, the most irritating thing that could happen is the Windows lock screen appearance. Disabling Windows lock screen might be a very easier affair, however, the appearance of Windows lock screen has its benefits as well such protecting your system from unauthorized usage while you are away and the system is on. But if you in your home or anywhere safe where you are sure no one could access your PC except you: in this case disabling Windows lock screen would just be the right thing to avoid time wasting. So, let me tell you the easiest way to do this.

Steps For Disabling Windows Lock Screen

Click on “Start Menu” and select “Control Panel”.

After Control panel is opened go to “System & Administration”.

Look for the “Power Options” inside system & administration.

Select power options and over there on the left top side of the menu select “Require password on wakeup”.

Now the window for this option will open and over there you need to select “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.

The options below that heading will now be editable. Select “Don’t require a password” there.

Finally, choose save and you are done.

In case you ever wanted to bring back ‘password on wakeup’ feature again, just go to the same menu and click on “require a password (recommended)” and Windows screen lock will comeback whenever the PC wakes up from hibernation or sleep.

Therefore, with the above described steps you can easily go for disabling Windows lock screen and avoid any kind of intrusion in your work after a short break. However, if you work in collaborative environment we recommended highly to keep your Windows screen locked while you are away for your safety and data security.

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