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Downloading APK File From Google Play

To avoid space shortage problem in your Android device or to outcross country restrictions if any, downloading an APK file from Google play is a great solution. Please keep in mind that you can store this file in your device’s cloud storage or even in hard disk itself and use it according to your needs. However, I will let you know how you can download and install this device in your Desktop.

Downloading APK file from Google play store or from another browser by using more than one option can be done easily. Download it through Chrome extension, firefox or directly from any website that allows you to do so. You can download paid version from app store even, however always look for the terms of its downloading prior to doing it.

Download APK File Through Browser Extension

In the guidelines for downloading APK file from Google play, you can download more than one APK files from a browser extension, and using a Chrome extension is always a great idea. For your understanding we use version 2 of CodeKiem’s APK file downloader extension which enables you to download it through Chrome or by using Firefox extension.

After adding the extension to the desktop browser, it’s mandatory to enter your valid e-mail address and device ID that will be saved in Chrome extension related to your valid Google Play Store Account that help utilized whenever it’s needed.

To acquire your device ID, download a Device ID app first, which helps to bring your Android ID whenever requested. You can use one of your e-mail ID with associated password for required login into the APK downloader as well. Following this operation visit Google’s Play Store and select the required app from there to download into your desktop. Instantly you will see on screen “Download APK” option next to the install/buy key, tap it to download the file.

Installing APK File on Your Android Device

For installing APK File in your Smartphone using our tips for downloading APK file from Google play, you need to enable “Unknown Source” by visiting Settings > Security in your device, this way you can enable the system to transfer APK File from desktop to your Android device. Connection between your desktop and handset can be managed through USB cord. All the required drivers will install automatically, and during the process your Android looks like acting as USB Storage Device.

Copy (its technically called “Side loading”) downloaded APK file from desktop to your Android device in certain folder like downloads etc. To make it functional in your device, open Download option on your Android through visiting the File Manager, then click at APK you just bring in to your Smartphone. It will ask for your permission and install on your handset subsequently. For secure use of it, tap “Disable” once the operation completed.

Download APK File From Google Play Store Through Website

Also you can download the required APK File through any dedicated website of your choice, which permits you to do so, with using our downloading APK file from Google play tips and tricks:

Visit Google Play Store for detecting the desired App

Copy URL address from address bar of the browser

Visit desired site, for say Evozi’s APK Downloader (this site facilitate both Firefox and Chrome), paste the app name in a box on top of the webpage.

Click the assigned Blue Key to produce the download link, save it to your desktop

Copy the APK file to your Android/Tablet and trigger the installation process described above.

Google’s Terms of Use

Keep in mind that, this would be beyond Google Play Store’s regular services, so check for any terms prior to initiate the process to avoid any discrepancy. We believe by using our tips for downloading APK file from Google play, you can make it effortless to run your Android device more efficiently without the fear of lacking space issue.

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